Canberra Christmas ride and beers


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Figured I’d get the discussion rolling a bit early as I’m really looking forward to the end of the year and this can give me a deadline to get the Hyrax finished!

ride and beers don’t have to happen on the same day either, and there’s no reason to limit ourselves to just one, of either!

@Tubbsy @Scotty T @Haakon @droenn @Litenbror @T-Rex

tag someone if you know they’re in the “Berra


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Sounds good @johnny we have a few options for location, Stromlo obviously but also OCI is close to Bruce ridge and Edgar's is pretty close to Majura.


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Sounds great. If the crow eaters hurry up and get vaccinated I should be spending a week or two in SA around xmas, but generally around and keen to see this Hyrax!


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Ban you all I say! Planning bloody Xmas rides and beers and rubbing it in our faces....


I'll tells ya!
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Weekend of the 11th or the 18th (or both, at different trails, one north, one south, or something)?

Won't have the Hyrax going, might have the Stache, though.