Can America be fixed?


Crypto curious
He's right, it's too easy for the unstable to get guns but I wonder how capable of rational processing he was at 5 years old..
There are a few other replies to his comment along the lines of "how would a psychiatrist be able to make a call on mental stability and future mental unstability in regards to gun ownership?"

Which is clearly missing the point that every little bit helps in lowering gun violence.

Of course someone's mental health could deteriorate long after purchasing guns, but at least the already unstable would be denied the opportunity to utilise said guns.


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Georgia runoff is neck and neck.

Had me going for a second there, but the remaining ballots are all from heavily Democratic areas, plus Walker's vote count is lagging in heavily Republican areas. Warnock's gonna piss it in.

(as he should, Walker would have to be one of the shittiest candidates put forward for a Senate seat recently)