Can America be fixed?


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I wonder how long it will be till Musk claims to be co-founder of Twitter...

Seems to be that Trump back on twitter might well be a good thing. It kills Truth social for a start (add it to a long list of failed trump ventures), and if it reinvigorates the broader Trump base on twitter it will most likely further divide the republicans. or something...
Except Trump isn't back on Twitter (yet). So far it is just a stunt from Musk to re-instate his account. He's not posting yet. Will being interesting to see how he spins it as anything other than a bailout from another alpha if he does sidle back in


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Oh, but guns aren't a problem though.
I think it has become so normal now that they can't see that there's really something wrong. Must be a real eye opener when they go to some other country.
Plenty of Americans are absolutely incensed about the gun violence in their country - I'd wager the majority. But Conservative / NRA hypocrisy is strong (like Republicans blaming it on a mental health crisis whilst simultaneously doing everything they can to reduce funding to mental health services).

It's just dumb af cus you can literally pinpoint the extrapolation in mass shootings back to the repeal of the automatic weapons ban in 2004.


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Trumps Twitter has been reinstated.

I am generally pretty impressed with Musk. I think he is a super smart dude and has being a net positive in the world, and I’d like to think I get (and generally agree with) his plans and achievements in EVs and SpaceX. The Boring company feels like a fail though…

But I completely fail to understand the whole Twitter thing… This is likely because I fail to understand the whole Twitter thing in general even before he bought it, so there is probably something I’m missing here!

It’s all pretty weird.
Adam comes to the rescue once again.

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