Cable guide


Eats Squid
Item: Cable guide that fits with a single bolt underneath a conventional road bike frame (bottom-pull derailleur & rear derailleur)
Location: Sydney
Item Condition: Reasonable
Price and price conditions: Name it, but I reckon up to $20 inc shipping would be fine
Extra Info: I've discovered my default cable guide allow the cable to lightly touch the frame. If I leave this be, it will eventually cut a little slot, and the drag is annoying. I'd like to replace it with a new part but every single supplier I can find has sold out, so I thought I'd see if anyone has one of these sitting around (or could pull one off an unused frame for me). Example below:


Nerf Herder

Wheel size expert
I’m in Leichhardt if convenient. Have a new one With other bits ... Not sure off what bike ... but it’s in SRAM packaging. Suspect I got it from a GX Eagle crankset.

looks more like the pic in OP vs Moorey’s similar to one of Labcanary’s bottom row 2nd from right

you can have it FOC if you pickup. Business hours or via Dropbox out front after hours. call Link if you want it.