Buying bike parts from overseas, shipping time estimates and methods ?


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My 5/11 only arrived in Vic on the 29/12 and was delivered 4/1, that's the longest German delivery I ever had.

I have a freshie on the way from Bike24, just got the tracking a couple of hours ago.

Will be interesting to see how it goes now the Chrissy rush is over but still a backlog by the sounds of it.
I reckon it'll take a while, unfortunately. I'm still waiting for the BC parcel. Reckon I won't see it until next month at least.

The R2 parcel was delivered on Thursday. 1 day transit between Melb and Syd. That's rather impressive given the massive shortages of transport and logistics workers due to covid.


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CRC order placed 15/1 turned up today, happy with that!
Germans still have my forks sitting at the airport from 20/12.
Direct order from Vorsprung in Canada placed 4 days ago has hit Brisbane this morning so should be delivered maybe tomorrow (I did pay for quicker shipping with this one though because of the above Germans).


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I've had a great run on shipping lately, everything I ordered for the new frame has arrived super quickly (UK, USA, Aus, and $$$ express out of Germany in a matter of days...

Really hoping UPS pick-up the frame soon though (~3 days not collected so far, after waiting four days for them to raise a shipping label). Can't win 'em all...


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Seem to be delays across the board for some specific locations at the mo. My Marino frame has been sitting awaiting clearance for 8 days now.
Maybe the AusPost executives have taken time off to spend their 100k bonuses and the employees have slacked off ;)

My speedy Bike24 package seems to have ground to a halt in Melbourne.


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Got something sent from Washington State. Seller said sorry USPS won’t ship to Australia anymore so he’s using some random shipper. It went from Washington to Anchorage AL and now it’s in City of Industry CA. Had to Google that but it’s a real city.
I’ve had a few items sent from the states over the years but never have they gone through those hubs.


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Anyone used a freight forwarding service in the US to buy stuff from Jensen USA? Need new full face, Pushys and MTB direct have limited stock and prices to take the piss.

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