Bush Camping - Bright, Mt Beauty, Falls Creek area


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Doing a bit of a solo road trip to Victoria over Easter since the rest of the family's going to be overseas.

Can anyone recommend bush camping sites in the area around Bright, Mt Beauty or Falls Creek? Thinking I'll probably pop the tent up in one spot for a few days then hit a few different places from there rather than packing up and moving a relatively short distance each day.

At this stage Langford West or Raspberry Hill south of Falls Creek in the Alpine National Park are looking like good bets for Beauty/Falls creek, then I'll do Bright on the way over to Beachworth/Yackandah for a couple of days. I have shuttles booked at Falls Creek on Easter Monday but am otherwise free for the week.

Anywhere else good that's not too far away from the trails? Not super keen on staying in crowded caravan parks but if there's somewhere outstanding I'd consider it.


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When I did a solo trip on my way over to Adelaide last Nov/Dec I stayed at Bright Cabin & Caravan Park. It was the cheapest in town (don't quote me but maybe $18/night unpowered, and reasonable facilities (camp kitchen/fridge/showers etc). It was definitely the cheapest caravan park in the area ("FREE" camp sites I looked up were definitely questionable) and it is located perfectly at the bottom of the trails, and a quick 5 min ride into town. There were only 3 or 4 other people in the park when I was there, I guess it may get busier but worked well for me!


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smoko camp spot is a good place to camp and free (mainly 4wd clubs plenty of quite spots, and next to river), not too far from harrietville - you could base yourself here. otherwise around the Rocky Valley Storage Dam area or Langford Hut Campground.


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Thanks 101. I didn't realise you could camp at Rocky Valley - that looks like a good option. Seems there's a bit of a walk to get into Langford Hut?


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Another thread I was watching with camping in Bright.