Build my wheel please


would blow a manky old hobo for $20
Ok I have the DT Swiss E512 rim and going to fit it to 142 x 12 mm Hope Pro 4 Hub and the front to a 15 x 110 Hope Pro 4 - So obviously I need Nipples and Spokes - Below is the spoke length I calculate but what actual spokes do I want - I am large and use will be XC touring dirt roads and fire trail. I was going to use the Pillar Spokes from dirtworks they seem to have stock available.

So which actual spokes and nipples do I buy?



would blow a manky old hobo for $20
I recently got some pillar triple butted spokes from them for a BMX Cruiser wheel build.
And they throw in some alloy nipples, or you could get brass ones for a bit more strength.
I would get 3 sets of 292 and one set of 290mm
Whoops might have to trim the 292's :) I just got 100 292's and 72 brass nipples :) the ones you suggested but I didnt read properly to get the shorter ones too