Boba Fett's teeth


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Sandblasting is obviously pretty bad for your skin but seems to go alright for the old Hampstead Heath.


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Dude, spoiler alert??!

What's the point in watching the thing now I already know how they look? Thanks a lot...
Spoiler alert...ask yourself why Boba Felt travels through the desert on the back of a mammoth, for a couple of days, to have a 30 second conversation with the local mayor...don't they have phones in the future?


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Past. Not future. (A long time ago, in a galaxy....)
But who knows? They apparently have really good dentists though!!
This where I get confused...great dentists....Death Stars...allsorts of whizz bang gadgets....light through space and yet no phones?

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Even bounty hunters need fine teeth.

He must have had plenty of time to study the sarlacc's fine dentures and got his 2-1B to get on it.