POS Blackie the bike formerly known as Project FD1 XTC 29er


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A supposedly budget build for a fat dad to get back into mountain biking

Frame - Giant XTC composite 2013 size M ex @Isaakk
Rear shock -
Front shock/fork - 2015 SID 100 mm need get brave and fit the 120mm air shaft and work out how to remove the remote
Handlebars - borrowed Norco 780mm ta @ashes_mtb
Stem - borrowed Norco 50mm ta @ashes_mtb
Headset - Works components -2.0 Degree EC44-ZS56
Grips - cheap ones on order
Saddle - Serfas kevlar Ti rails circa 1996
Seatpost - Pro LT 30.9 zero setback
Front brake - XT M775 ta @moorey 180 rotor
Rear brake - XT M775 / Deore ta @moorey 160 rotor
Cranks - XT FC-M780
Chainguide - Whats that
Chain - Silver probably worn
Pedals - Chromag Synth, got some old Wellgo SPD's if I get scared of the pins.
Front derailleur - XT M something thanks @Plankosaurus Why 2x you ask? I need all the help on the hills I can get and cant afford a dropper yet so may as well use the space for something till the cassette wears out and I get a new one.
Rear derailleur - XT M780
Front shifter - XT M780
Rear shifter - XT M780
Cassette - XT 11-36
Front hub - XT M8020 wheel
Rear hub - Sun Ringle
Front rim - XT M8020
Rear rim - Sun Ringle Charger Expert
Spokes - black ones
Nipples - 64 counted them all
Tyres - Front not sure yet I need to ask more dumb questions, Rear Nobby Nic 2.35 with a nice blue stripe on it
Tubes - Apparently modern bikes don't need them.
Total weight - probably too much



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Dumb question time, what's the biggest tyre I can fit into a 2015 SID 29er with a 24mm wide rim?

This is the 2.35mm Nobby Nic as a reference, TBE have run out of the 2.35's but do have the NN in a 2.6 but I'm not sure it will fit. Terrain is WA pea gravel loose over hard in the main



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I see you already have one spare - but a 2.6 is a lot of tyre for a 24mm rim and will probably roll around quite a bit when cornering and feel imprecise. Is there other tread patterns or brands that would have a tyre in the size you need? Heck, if you're happy to run something other than Schwalbe I might even have something I can post you...


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@SummitFever I hadn't considered they could move that much I'm 95kg in clothes.
@beeb the tyre is off the rear, thought I'd see how it fitted and make sure it wasn't
beginner's luck seating the bead with the old track pump. Thanks for the offer, I'll see what I can find locally first.


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I’ve got a few rides old Hans Damf. Think it’s 2.35. And a Nobby Nic.
Don’t need it. Don’t want it. It’s just taking up space in the shed.
You are welcome to it for the price of postage.


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A very belated update to this thread. I slapped something rideable together the other night as we've gone down south for a few days and I wanted something better to ride than my old vintage 26er.
The colour scheme was not planned but I think Blackie in honour of Eric Claptons favourite Strat suits it well.
Changes from the original plan.
Poorly shifting 1x10 as at 2am in the morning I couldn't be arsed setting up a front derailleur as well.
Reba's, front wheel and brake off @SlowManiac basket case Canyon as the SIDs are still in pieces and I hadn't fitted a new hose to the front brake that was too short.
Hopefully I'll get a few rides in with mr10 around Dunsborough / Margaret River over the next few days and work out how many things I've forgotten to tighten up! I've never ridden flats with pins before, they feel even more scary now they're on the bike.


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Good looking build @ausdb.

But was the 2 degree headset intended to steepen or slacken the head angle?

Because that headtube angle looks steep as faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrk. :eek:


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Good looking build @ausdb.

But was the 2 degree headset intended to steepen or slacken the head angle?

Because that headtube angle looks steep as faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrk. :eek:
Could be the angle of the photo messing with things but it does look a little ‘tucked under’

EDIT: should also say that it looks like a great build and lots of fun!


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Good looking build @ausdb.

But was the 2 degree headset intended to steepen or slacken the head angle?

Because that headtube angle looks steep as faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrk. :eek:
I had the same thought, but looks like it's oriented correctly in the first post so must just be the camera angle.. or the 2013 XTC had a 72* HA to start with... also plausible.


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I think it's a combination of the camera angle, funky OD2 headtube and an old steep XC bike. The headset is definitely in the right way, I downloaded the installation instructions as I thought it looked a little weird when I originally started building it and I'm pretty sure @Isaakk would not have made a beginner mistake when he originally fitted it.
Here's a slightly different angle pic. It will be better when I get the 120mm forks back on. It's hard taking a photo of a black bike in mixed light.


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Yeah the angleset was definitely the right way round (well, to slacken anyway) - but lordy does that first picture make it look steep! Second looks much better, must be the angle of the photo. Leitch is right though, super steep even with the angle set at 70deg with a 100mm fork. 120mm was a noticeable improvement.

Boy howdy was it a weapon on the flats/climbs though.. but yeah, definitely not so much on the steeper descents. :D