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Item: Bird Aeris AM9 Medium Long in Raw. Size will suit ~ 172-182 cm height

Location: Wollongong, NSW or post.
Item Condition: used but good condition. No dents, cracks or paint to damage.

Reason for selling: Went to their New Aeris 9 (more a modern big enduro bike than the all mountain AM9). The use of the AM9 is too close to the new bike to make it worthwhile keeping as a second bike I want to buy Litenbor 's Aether 9 Frame (short travel trail)

Price and price conditions: $1,100

Extra Info: Includes transferrable lifetime warranty.
Is the V1 of the AM9, the fork will need to be kept to 150mm for the transferrable warranty to be valid (though people have happily run with more travel)
DVO Topaz 230x 65 can be supplied with the frame for additional cost
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@kip01 , do you have something to sell another burner that would let you make it happen? If you do we can then put the pressure on someone else instead and take the load off your shoulders. Kind of a human centipede but with money and bikes instead of human shit.
Currently in the shed throwing shit upside down to sell not having much luck
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Plankosaurus, is that you selling the DVO Topaz in 210x55 I just saw when looking on the FB MTB pages? Care to make a fork in the burner centipede?
This plot has more twists than most Hollywood movies. Can’t wait to see how it ends!