Bike Wrapping


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Frameskin are local, I think it might be one of the Kowalskis who owns the business.

They have a workshop in Hawker.


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Pushys told me they get their frameskins done by someone local, if you give them a call they might give you the details.


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I’ve wrapped one bike with Frameskin and three with Invisiframe. Invisiframe is the superior product - I found that Frameskin was more prone to lifting around the edges.


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Thanks everyone, got it booked in with Frameskins @Tubbsy thanks for the recommendation. Went with them installing as we live in a place thats got a dirt driveway so not much is clean/remains dust free and I would have to live with that under the wrap.
@Litenbror the guys at Hawker are who Pushies recommended, called in on my way to work :cool:

Now I just have to work out a day to work from the office over the next few weeks to drop the bike off.