Bearings... Special bearings... Where to buy? 6902V with 1mm and 2mm offset/lips


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I'm looking to get some suspension bearings to have on hand if I need them and glad I'm looking now.

I've been trying to find a 6902V bearing, where the inner ring has a 1mm offset on one side and 2mm on the other. This make the inner ring wider than the outer and they are becoming a pain to find.

I've asked my local bearing shop and they said they don't have anything like it, only the standard 6902 bearing.

Local bike shop called DIY MTB and even DIY didn't have what I need and didn't know anyone that would. DIY do do a offset 6902 max bearing called 6902V and you have the option of either a 9.5mm or 10mm inner ring and the offset is only to one side... Not both, which is what I need.

Anyone had to buy odd ball bearings or know where you can buy them?

Thanks in advance.


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What's the bike. Is the suspension modded? Could you run standard bearings with machined spacers?

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The suspension is stock standard and hasn't been modified.
I could use spacers but fiddly as hell to put them in and not sure if that would void any warranty. I'm already trying to get a bolt under the 5 year warranty for a two month old bike... So don't want to name the brand.


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What brand is currently on the bearing?

My old bike had little rings that fit either side of the bearing, made out of alloy... Maybe 2mm thick wall and 2mm deep)... That would allow you to use normal bearings...

Either that or ring the manufacturer, they might have some form of exclusive on odd bearings...


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Is having spacers made up an option? Use one of the old inner races and get a shop to make some 2 and 1mm spacers from it, then you can just use standard bearings.


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Can we have a photo of the bearing in place? It's a very evil or stupid manufacturer that has a custom bearing made. Does not bode well for long term serviceability.


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Name the brand, this seems a bit ridiculous. Although not ideal since it may take a while, the manufacturer HAVE to have access to some, they got them from somewhere initially....


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These sound like a particular bearing found in a few year old treks, They are reasonably available and available through DIYMTB. just gotta ask the right questions as bearings are sized/labels in a number of different methods
if it is one of the trek ones, go to a decent trek shop.

Just read properly, maybe not the trek ones... whats it out of?
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Thanks guys for you help, I've sent Mountain Bike Bearing Specialists an email regarding the bearing I'm after. Hopefully hear back early this week.

Having spacers is an option, but not a path I want to go down nor should I have to. They'll be fiddly and the photo below should help explain why.

Keep in mind the Australian distributor has told me twice to just got to any local bearing shop and I should easily find what I need. What a joke!
I even explained the bearing seals have been switched over as I know my bearings. And also the bearing numbers on the exploded diagram of the frames were incorrect to each bearing saying I need 2 standard 6902 bearings and 6 of these special 6902V bearings.
Because he said they don't pull their bikes apart to check, I pulled mine apart and found its the other way around..... 2 of these special bearings and 6 normal bearings.... ohh and they don't carry any of these parts in stock because their DH bikes aren't high selling.

Was told six weeks to just get the bolt that I need to ride my bike, as they don't have any in stock and apparently neither does the manufacturer... Now I'm getting a quote for express air freight that I'll have to pay for if they find a bolt to send. Although there's bikes siting there.

I should have emailed the manufacturer direct. Can't say I'm happy with a two month old bike.
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