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Anyone wanna guess how it was done???
Massive lathe, two operations using a mandrel poking out of the chuck to locate the lower then rotated each time with a long boring bar to machine down the outer. Or a fancy variation on that as you probably used one of the CNC toys at your work?


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Pretty close. I wouldn't call the lathe massive, but yeah.
- mounted it 'between centres' and driven by one of the jaws on the arch. Arch end 'centre' was just a turned bit of bar to right size and chamfered.
- boring bar mounted upside down to reach between the legs.
- chuck 'er in reverse and make swarf.
- repeat.


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I think I lost my one of mine, still have the riveting dolly and faux-wing spar though. A bit pissed I lost my one of that pattern project like yours, I got it friggen perfect.
Mine is perfect too, although I can't seem to find the photo of the half circle fit....

EDIT: I have no doubt yours is perfect.


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1/2 deep impact sockets anyone ?

No 15mm for the nuts on 12mm dynabolts
No 16mm for common 10mm hardware
No 18mm for common 12mm hardware
An 11mm? I've only used a 11mm socket when I'm to lazy to find a 7/16" I've never seen a bolt or nut with an 11mm head, are they a thing?

probably why they have to give them away, still a great buy as long as the missing sizes don't leave you stranded