Baby seat for Scott Ransom?

Weird question, but does anyone know if I can fit some sort of baby seat to this bike?
Not the trailer type but onboard type.
Baby is about 10 months old 10kg.


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10 month seat.....dual suspension.....:faint2:
You've got to be trolling...


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Wee-ride. Run it on my Blur, no worries, but your head tube looks like it might be a little tight for space.


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You'll need about 10mm worth of spacers if you've got enough steerer. You'll need to put your seat up too.

Edit: obviously no bumps at 10 months. Baby's neck not yet developed.
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Danny B

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Whats your rear axle? if 10x135mm you could run a trailer. To me that looks like your only option.

Personally, I'd be on the lookout for a cheap Shogun Trail Breaker or similar. Keep your trail bike for yourself. Adding 15kgs of baby plus seat etc ain't no fun on a LT dualie.

Danny B

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I rode my Tracer back from the bike shop with my son in a MacPac Possum on my back, a little while back. Worked quite well - my son thought it was a hoot. Mind you, I was riding at walking pace on the footpath. I certainly wouldn't endorse this.

I really think having a dedicated family bike / beater is the way to go.

And Yepp seats are great.


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I though nzhumpy's baby seat looked very promising.
Better than promising, although the Weeride is usually on a 29r it has been run on a Yeti dually.

I reckon that there's enough headtube to mount to without having to resort to spacers.
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