Avid Brake Hose Angle Adaptor

I suspect that this is going to end up as an entry in the f-wits thread but for now it's here as I need answers.

Does anybody know if you can get an angle adaptor that screws into an Avid lever body that would result in the brake hose running parallel to the bars?

I have a Salsa Anything Cradle fitted to the fat bike, fantastic piece of kit but the mounting arms were always a tad long in my opinion resulting in all the weight being further forward then was strictly necessary, so I cut 10mm off the ends of the arms but now the brake hoses end up in front of the cradle rather than behind it.

Alternatively are there any other brakes with similar modulation and lever blade design to the Guide RSC that have a more suited brake hose attachment?

It would be awesome if I could, the only ones that I'm aware of connect to the caliper and one half of the banjo is integrated into the caliper body. Do you know of anything that would screw into the lever?
An expensive solution but perhaps a solution none the less, anybody with the current Hope lever (Tech 3?) that could measure the distance from the front edge of the bar to the front edge of the hose please?



Guessing wider bars (and/or flat bars) aren’t an option, giving you a bit more room to route the brake hoses where you need them?

A brake like the Magura has a far more compact lever and would probably solve your problems. I think there are various lever options too, to tune the feel to your liking. I’ve had no experience with Magura brakes so other than physical suitability I can’t comment on performance.

(Trekking option - plenty of others in their lineup).
Keeping all my thoughts in the one spot for reference... the female thread on a SRAM/Avid lever body is M8 x 0.75 metric fine.

Still no idea how I'll convert this information into a win, I think the biggest hurdle with anything off the shelf will be how to integrate the barb and crush olive.


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Cept the ones with banjos at both ends. Duh!

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FFS...banjo end at levers and olive end at calipers. Many Shimano brakes are Olive at caliper. Why make this harder than it needs to be?


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Who’s a new contributor now?

I’m offering a good, solution, I reckon.
If desperate to run a dot fluid brake, fair enough. I’m just not seeing any other good solutions popping up.
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