Armybikeco comes to Australia: customized frames for BMX/MTB


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Fearless Cycles are very happy to announce that we've joined up with Armybikeco. to offer a new style of high end bicycle customisation to our customers and dealers.

Starting off with Army's background and what they want to bring you as a company.

We are very particular bike brand born in Arequipa, Peru at November 24 of 2006.
We make solid, versatile, hi-performance BMX and MTB cr-mo steel frames for hardcore riding. Also we make quality accessories like bars, forks and bottom brackets.


We want you to be able to personally purchase, assemble and finally ride our bad ass machines. We want you to feel the steel between your legs. We want you to push your limits, and our frame´s limits too. We want you to ride hard. We want you to ride Army.


We share such a special extreme biking vision: free, accessible, without rules and limits.


We produce professional level but still yet affordable priced BMX and MTB frames and components for intense & extreme use within a different disciplines of extreme biking. We focus at very personal requirements of
each rider and try to give them the unique handmade unit of hard perfectly working steel to ride on.

All our frames and components are exclusively handmade and assembled piece by piece with a high level of precision. We use only top level quality tools and machinery.


In our frames we use heat treated chrome steel,6061 T6 aluminium and high quality bearings.

Army is a company created BY RIDERS for RIDERS. All we are really in love with riding, and married years ago with that, without any doubts, have the best lifestyle.


We apply 1-year limited replacement warranty for all our frame products.



We will start off with the Bakabomb, a clean and tidy singlepivot frame that is capable of having 184mm to 223mm of travel, a 1 1/8" steerer both traditional or intergrated versions, or even a full 1.5" head tube, this is your choice in the first step to customising your frame. Next you get to select your drop out size: 135 x 10, 135 x 12 or 150 x 12 and 83mm or 100mm BB sizing(100 only available for 150x12).

Comes with ISCG 05 mounts, a standard 6" rear mount and the adjustable shock mount to suit your shock choice, 8.5" - 9.5" e2e shocks fit and fork bump stops, normally reserved for those $4-5000 frames.

RRP: $1499 AUS


AKM: Arse kicking machine. No really. The AKM is the urban warrior's machine to destroy whatever you feel like doing? 360 walltap? whip to footjam that fed square bank? bring it on. Range of colours are available, and of course bb choices to make this ride a one of kind bike. The geo is dialed with 380mm chainstays, three different top tube sizes and a 69 degree HA with a 100mm fork, making it a good choice for a 4x style play bike.



The flagship race bike with 230mm of travel, no marketing gimmicks, no silly talk, just a strong reliable multi-season race bike. Three different sizes, three head tube sizing options, three drop out size options, two BB options, 63degree HA, and tight 428mm chainstays. This is where the fun begins:

The colour schemes: we can paint a frame almost any colour: you just send us a sample (after reading below) instead of a color, and we make that happen within reason. The raw metal colour is pretty popular. (just natural polished cr-mo covered with varnish)

We work also with two, or more colours combinations (faded or not).

For example, when ordering our downhill frames (demolition for example), you can order one colour for front triangle,other two colours with fade for swingarm, fourth colour for anodized alloy 6061-T6 links,fifth for bearing caps, sixth for derailleur hanger, and seventh colour for stickers) and that's at no extra cost.

RRP: $1999.00

if you like what you're seeing check out a few of the other things available:

We will have the products up on our site completely in a few days complete with pricing, so just sit tight!

lastly, check out

Also have another awesome company jumping on board shortly with amazingly light chainguides ( 64g! and 41g chain rings!)
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Hot! That's all I can say...

Except that there sure as hell aren't enough companies doing this (that I know of), because these look amazing!


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thanks guys, we are pretty stoked to be able to offer such a custom brand to the people, and with a decent price!


M1: $299.00
AK-47: $369.00
Ak-103: $499.00

MTB hardtails

AuG: $599.00
Hammer FR: $649.00
Ar1: $599.00

MTB dual suspension

Bakabomb: $1499.00
Demolition 10: $1899.00
Wehrmacht: $1999.00


Whip: $99.95
Stone: $129.95
herrfork: $279.95
herrfork 2: $299.95
Dark bar: $99.95
Mr. bar: $149.95
Wingman bar: $109.95

that includes full customization of the downhill bikes/mtb frames etc (of the choices available of course.)

And to celebrate the arrival of ArmyBikeCo. in our ranks. the first 5 armybikeco. frame owners will receive free postage Aus wide and a few sweeteners of the customers choice to really make your new bike your own or maybe a slight discount if you're nice with your words. ;)
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Are the full suspension frames prices excluding shock?
yeah as some fit various lengths of shocks, I can supply X-fusion ones at a great price in a combo deal though, the new HLR is amazing, we have one of our Solid mission 9 demo bike.


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awesome! good prices, good geometry and full customisation = winner.
Cheers sammy,

we will have an Demolition, a wehrmacht, an AuG and probably a hammer FR coming shortly.

The wehrmacht will be available for test rides (will be a medium) we have a small Solid mission 9 for people to ride, and a two6player is also available to test locally, and a dartmoor wish.


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What happened to Armybikeco?
The russian importer who controlled the site caused some major hassles; took a lot of Europeans money and supplied no product etc. This caused a massive issue for the guys in Peru; it got very messy.

they are still building stuff, but getting onto them is not an easy task; we tried getting more frames in for customers but couldn't get onto them whilst the customer was interested. Their manager + other english speaking contact left. There is 2 new guys in the mix, and they are just building motorbikes and the odd frame; easier to talk to though!


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Nope I retired a few years ago, all stock is long, long gone sorry! I wish Roberto would reply, a mini version of their new rig would of been great. And better build times than Marino and alignment it seems too..
Their bookface page is pretty active. I guess they have a market in Peru. No shortage of elevation there, that's for sure. Pity, coz they're very cool bikes.


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Their bookface page is pretty active. I guess they have a market in Peru. No shortage of elevation there, that's for sure. Pity, coz they're very cool bikes.
They are hiring, a good sign they're up to something again. With how busy marino are, makes sense for them to get back at it. Plenty of still these going strong today 8 years later.