50Tx32 29er vs 45Tx32 27.5


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I’m building a new Stanton Slackline.
Previous bike was more XC (Trek Procaliber 9.8SL) with 50T on the back and 29er wheels. It climbed everything. I know the Slackline lives for going down but I hate porting up and like to ride instead of walking if I can.

I’m wondering if I can get by this time with 45T on the back with 27.5 wheels and based on gearing alone (I know other factors like geometry will come into play), wondering if I’ll be able to go up as easily as on the old 50T 29er?

I do have the option of grabbing a 30T instead of 32 for the front (Hope spiderless Boost) if need be.

Thanks heaps.
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32/45 on the smaller wheel is a slightly taller gear than the 32/50 on the big wheel, so even with other things being equal it'll be slightly harder on the up.