NSW 5:10 Spitfire size 9 (US)

pink poodle

aka stickchops
Item: 5:10 Spitfire shoes size 9 (US)

Location: Newcastle, Macca's carparks, train stations, coffee shops, and of course your local post office.

Item Condition: moderate use, plenty of life, and a little dusty. I had a brief pedal around on them and the soul still grabs a pedal as one would expect from such a prestigious item.

Reason for selling: quite a while ago someone purchased the wrong size. I thought for a while that they would stretch out but they never did and have been floating around the garage ever since.

Price: $60 or you tell me, maybe you want to pay more?

Extra info: covid safety is everyone's responsibility. I've got some colourful laces that the hot auction winner can choose from if they don't feel pumped about the original white laces.

Here is some photographs:


pink poodle

aka stickchops
The cannon's message prompted me to check my sale adds. I forgot about these! Ummmm if nobody wants them by the end of the week I'm sending them to the salvos or similar.