29er Tyre Thread


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A list of tyres to try that I compiled for @DMan who mentioned his missus usually used EXO Ikons but was on the hunt for reliable, light, fast rolling options..... There's a few to try

Other similar patterns to the IKON (nice rounded profile and mid to low blocks for good rolling but decent grip) could be.... (FYI I haven't USED most of these)
Racing Ralph
Racing Ray
Thunder Burt
Country Dry 2
Honey badger XC

And that's not even looking at other Maxxis, Bontrager or Specialized....
Might sound strange, but what width is acceptable? 2.25 enough? It was good enough for Port to Port last year... 60 or 120tpi? Hiddenvale is coming up and it's loose and very rocky in there...


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I bought a Hutchinson Gila from CRC for the dually XC bikes front . Mounted to a WTB frequency I29 rim . Firstly what a bitch to mount , but once done it actually inflated off the pump . First ride ( loftus up near engadine maccas ) I set pressure to 20 psi and first impressions was wow . Fast rolling and super grippy . After about 3 kms it seemed to lose pressure but not performance and when we finished the ride it was quite spongy . Turns out I had pinched the tape in several places trying to get the tyre on . Taking the tyre off however proved a nightmare . Could not break the bead at all , even trying the vice trick . Search on net and yeah common for this brand . Finally got it off retaped and then finally got it back on set and sealant added . 2nd ride I went with 23 psi but didn`t like it so have come down to 18 and its super sweet . I`ll be getting another for the rear and then put some on standby for the hard tail .


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Any thoughts/experience on moving an Aggressor from rear to front, and then pairing it with a Rekon rear?

High Roller F / Aggressor R is way too much grip for my HT, and given things are drying out I want something faster rolling and good in loose over hard pack


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No experience but in theory it should be sound. Aggressor is a pretty good all round grippy tyre so should be suitable on the front. I've just picked up a Rekon myself for a hardtail build and from the looks of the tread it ought to roll nicely, with reasonable side lugs for grip.


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Michelin Force AM2 and Wild AM2

Hopefully they have made the rubber on the Wild AM2 slower rebounding on the new version. I had the 27.5" version and every time you just clip a rock with an side-knob it makes the same sound as when you're seating a tyre onto the bead - PTHWANG!!! The grip/rolling balance was great for an all-mountain rear bike tyre (casing was a bit light for anything too much toward the enduro end of the spectrum), but holy hell the sounds it made ending up making me take it off. Not a relaxing ride when you have that shit going off a couple of times per trail! Can't help noticing the change to a more DHR-esque centre-tread pattern now though...

The old Force was super-fast but drifty (predictably), looks like they've raised the tread-blocks a touch on the new one so might make for a fun all-rounder is you're happy to sacrifice some grip for faster rolling.


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The weights have gone up a fair bit...now looking at 1000grams+ whereas previously from memory the Wild was around 800 and the Force 750ish. I loved that setup for long fast rides on a short travel trail bike. Like you said, great grip/rolling balance.

Im currently running their RockR2 front magix and that is the slowest rebounding rubber I've found on an MTB tyre. That tyre is super calm in janky shit and has such a nice damped ride, despite only being a 2.35. Best cornering tyre I've ever ridden, but not fast.


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Anyone have ride report on the DHR2 in the maxxgrip compound? Any notable differences over the standard or maxterra compound?


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Anyone have ride report on the DHR2 in the maxxgrip compound? Any notable differences over the standard or maxterra compound?
No, but I have 1 Maxx Terra and 1 Maxx Grip in my German shopping basket for next order.

My only experience with Maxx Grip is it wears VERY fast but does exactly as it says, gives maxx grip. The DHF I had didnt last long.

I would only be using it on the front as I can scrub a rear Maxx Terra to nothing in 1 Tassie trip where as regular EXO comes back looking newish.

Would only be using it as a special tyre for a trip or races... unless you have $100 to spend on a tyre once a month.


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Its been said in many reviews that Maxx Grip is noticeably slower on the trail. The only one I every had was used for shuttles and a bit of trails so I didnt notice any difference but I did notice it was a very comfortable tyre as the rubber is super soft :)

Though after every day I could see noticeable wear on it.

Good price though, wheres that from ?

EDIT: Found it ;)
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Does anyone have experience with Pirelli Scorpion Trail Mixed Compound tyres?

Chain Reaction have them on at $38 each which seems a bit of a steal assuming they're not a dog of a tyre.