222x66mm or 8.75x2.75"/222x70mm Rear Shock


Knows his goats
Item: A mate is looking for a rear shock to suit a 2017 YT Capra because the Rockshox Monarch it came with is farked.

The bike comes with a weird-sized 222x66mm shock, but apparently the bike is fine to take a shock with an extra 4mm stroke - so a 222x70mm (8.75x2.75") will also suit.

It has to have a climb/platform switch. He has a slight preference toward an air shock but could be happy with a coil too.

Location: Anywhere so long as you'll post. I could pick it up in Melbourne post-stage 4 lockdown if that works better.

Price range/Willing to Pay: Fairly flexible depending on the shock - probably an upper limit of $450 (bit less if coil to account for buying a spring).