2019 Santa Cruz Megatower- Long Travel 29er

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More like 'Hypetower' if you frequent mtbr, right @B Rabbit...
The rumor mill is in overdrive there. They wouldn't go to that much trouble for the second coming of the messiah but for a new SC model, well then, get those telephoto camera's to Nelson NZ pronto and camp behind trees.

This one is the keeper though. I don't care if it is a elaborate photoshop job, it's the schnizzer.



Yeah - putting the Cruz back into Santa Cruz. And lets lock the frame and front wheel, but leave the QR rear wheel unsecured while we're at it.


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Looks like a Santa Cruz, probably rides like a VPP (maybe they’ve improved).
Water bottle = win
What’s the rumoured travel, I’ve got no interest in trawling MTBR?


Believe 160 both ends according to the rumours, although sneaky shots from NZEnduro show Lyriks up front at maybe 170/180. Call it a Nomad 29er.

Edit: supposed to have adjustable geometry and chain stay length too.

Edit edit: hype aside, it looks like a beast. Wasted on me though.
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Not sure what the fuss is about. It looks exactly like their other bikes. What were people expecting?


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As someone who is unnecessarily enthusiastic about long travel 29ers, this excites me.

I would like to see more differentiation between this generation of Hightower and the LT version though. Current ones are too similar. If I was SC's product manager I'd bin the shorter travel version and make the next gen Tallboy a bit beefier. They've got the Blur for XC duties now.