2018 MTBA National Downhill Round 1 in Coffs Harbour


What this I hear about Chimpy racing with a multi tool still in his front axle? Not so much as too little time to remove, as these pros thinking they’re too cool for school.
Hey Dozer, Do you know what happened to Jerry Armstrong at all ? Was watching live timing, and assume he must have crashed ?
The story of Jack's slowly deflating tyre and subsequent repair truly is a yarn of good mates helping out, good people getting him to the line and the best guy on the day getting an amazing time. The stunned faces in the finish area when Jack hit the line said it all but it was made even more surreal because word had gotten to the commentary that Jack had a flat and wasn't going to race and Muddy was announced as the winner.................then Jack happened. Downhill is rad, we're all so lucky to have such rad dudes in Australia doing their thing.
How good is this!

"...“I went up for my race run with Andy and everything was all good. About 20 minutes before my race the wheel started leaking air out the valve, We thought it was just the valve and went to swap that out from the Carbine (Andy’s bike), but then rolled the tire off and realised it was the rim tape slightly peeling off. We tried to run the Carbine wheel, but it obviously wouldn’t fit, we pulled the rim tape off the Carbine and tried putting it around the edge of the rim where the rim tape was peeling off but it didn’t work as it wouldn’t stick properly with all the sealant. Then with about 5 minutes to go Joel went into the gate, I still had no tire on the bike, so he told Kingy (Ed: the commentator) that I probably wasn’t racing as my tire was flat. We then realised that Andy had a tube in his back wheel, so we changed that with just a multi tool, I tightened the axle up through the wedge hole because it wouldn’t fit through the other end and the multi tool got stuck in there and I couldn’t get it out. So I just sprinted through the gate with that hanging out of the axle, sealant all over my disc and 40 psi in the rear.”.."