2000-20007ish full Suspension XC frame


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Item: Looking for a early to mid 2000's full suspension XC race oriented frame, essentially the last of the 'classically styled' 26" aluminium and scandium frames before the world went nuts over carbon fibre

suggestions include

Ventana el Saltamontes
Rocky Mountain Element
Turner Nitrous
Extralite F1/F2
Titus racer X
Kona 'The King' or 2007 Hei Hei
Klein Adept or Palomino

Something a bit boutique rather than a giant/trek/specialized etc

Not overly fussed on condition, as long as it's not cracked or terminally damaged

Location: Brisbane but willing to pay postage for the right item
Price range/Willing to Pay: depends on item but roughly 500 if it includes front forks, probably less if it doesn't
Extra Info: I'm about 168cm so small medium sizes, Might also be tempted by complete bikes.

I'm a bit dubious about whether I'll find what I'm looking for in Australia but figured it couldn't hurt to try


I have a M size Titus Loco-moto ( US built ).....
Its never been built up.
If interested shoot me a message and we can talk price.