165mm cranks for trail riding


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Anyone doing it?
Because Mtb is a mainstream sport I swear the trails are wearing lower by the masses of traffic


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Depends on the bike. Some are a bit lower in the BB, so I run them. Mostly 170 though..but I really don’t think 5mm is saving many strikes in the real world.

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all 165mm now, flat pedals made me do it, the xtra clearance i need, ref 6ft..started with the track cranks on my trk bike , 165 is all the go


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Make any difference to comfort, knees etc for you or just for clearance?
Bit of all really. Comfort is a major factor but I definitely feel it helped reduce pedal strike - on the trails I ride anyway.

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I'm on 165mm's on all 4 of my bikes. I'm 5'7" though. Less pedal strikes especially on my Evil Wreckoning.


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I ran 165 cranks on my old GT force and think it climbed better than the 175s. I am thinking of trying it on the new Sensor.