TAS 104 bcd narrow wide chain ring


Next in line
Item: 30-38 tooth narrow wide 104 bcd chain ring
Location: Hobart, or willing to post
Willing to pay: cheap as possible
Extra info: i managed to bend the chain ring on the craftworks :rolleyes: and my commuter’s narrow chain ring is giving me the shits


Spongeplank Dalepants
I believe I may have a 36t spare that I'm unlikely to use. If I can find it, I'll drop it in that bike box for you

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pink poodle

aka stickchops
Here you go @Lucaw ! My potato found the crayons and made you some drawings...

I can't vouch for how well either of them hold a chain. One is unused and the other was used with a chain guide while I worked outh how much bigger i wanted the front ring. Both are the same ring and came from a polygon Trid zz.