1. Z

    WTB Fox D.O.S.S dropper seatpost 31.6

    Item: Hi everyone looking for an old Fox DOSS seatpost. Going on a Foes FXR frame which I'm trying to keep somewhat period correct. Will need to be 31.6mm Must have the dual lever and be in good usable condition. Location: Townsville but will pay postage if necessary Price: ballpark figure...
  2. phillynight

    Pass around the reamer 30.0 to 30.9

    I've recently bought an adjustable reamer and handle to ream a seat tube from 30.0 -> 30.9 and it all went really well. The tool works great and it just takes a bit of cutting fluid, a measuring caliper and some muscles to spin it like 200 times. I just passed on the reamer to @CHEWY and wanted...
  3. phillynight

    Reaming & Dropper internal routing plan

    I've reamed the seat tube finally so it's a more normal 30.9mm. The only issue I faced was the reamer was only long enough to ream down 19cm into the tube and I had trouble finding any kind of extension that I felt comfortable with it not falling off inside the seattube. In the one pic you can...
  4. hosssbosss

    Sold Ibis Mojo HDR 27.5 - Nextie wheels, SRAM XX1

    Item: 2014 Ibis Mojo HDR Location: Bunya, Brisbane Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: update Price and price conditions: $2700 Extra Info: Time to sell my much loved Mojo. This bike has been fantastic, and has been well maintained for the two or so years I’ve had it as the second...
  5. H

    WA E Thirteen TRS+ 150mm 31.6 Dropper Seatpost - SOLD

    E Thirteen TRS+ 150mm 31.6 Dropper Seatpost Location: Perth, WA Item Condition: Perfect, 1 ride old. Reason for selling: This post is off my new YT Capra, took it out for the first ride and the 150mm drop too long for my little legs. Price and price conditions: $190ono Extra Info: Happy to post $10,