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  1. CHEWY

    International Fox 36 Airshaft 160mm

    Item: Fox 36 Air shaft 160mm non-rythm Location: Melb Item Condition: Fine Reason for selling: Dont need Price and price conditions: $40 posted Extra Info: comes with bonus munted air cap. Pictures:
  2. CHEWY

    Swapsies 150mm 31.6 Dropper for 30.9

    Item: Scott Synchros (pretty sure its BrandX/TranzX rebranded?) 31.6mm/150mm dropper - Swap for 30.9/125/150 Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Used but working well Reason for selling: Swap for 30.9 Price and price conditions: Swaps ideally Extra Info: Pictures: Can get
  3. CHEWY

    Shimano SLX M7130 12sp freehub removal

    Trying to get this off for a mate, freehub not freehubbing. Looks like is just pulls off but doesn't want to budge and dont want to force it. What's the trick ?
  4. CHEWY

    Found - Rockshox Super Deluxe or other 185mm trunion

    Item: Rockshock Super deluxe 185mm eye to eye Location: anywhere Item Condition: good Reason for selling: not selling, wanting Price and price conditions: not too much Extra Info: Trashed my shock when a trunion bolt backed out. Seems not many shocks fit a scott genius. Tried a standard deluxe...
  5. CHEWY

    WTB - Fox 36 Rhythm / Marz Z.1 150mm or 160mm air shaft

    WTB or swapsies for 170mm airshaft Item. Fox 36 Rhythm / Marz Z.1 150mm or 160mm air shaft Location. Anywhere Condition. Useable Price. WTB or swaps Chasing a 150mm or 160mm air shaft to fit the Fox 36 Rhythm / Marz Z.1. Can swap for 170mm shaft.
  6. CHEWY

    FOUND 190x50 shock

    Item: 190x50 shock Location: anywhere Item Condition: good useable condition Extra Info: Chasing an air shock in 190x50 Doesnt need to be anything flash but good useable condition Can swapsies an as new fox float R 200x57 shock.
  7. CHEWY

    203mm rotor and caliper adapter

    Item: Chasing a 203mm rotor and adapter to suit a 180mm post mount Location: Wherever Item Condition: Must be very good
  8. CHEWY

    Wtb - front shifter

    Item: front shifter Location: Melbourne Item Condition: any Reason for selling: Price and price conditions: Extra Info: Pictures: Chasing a front shifter for the girlfriends bike. Just need a basic cheap 9sp front shifter. Eastern suburbs would be ideal.
  9. CHEWY

    Wanted - Boxxer lowers

    Item: boxxer forks or 32mm lowers Location: Melbourne, but willing to pay postage. Price range/Willing to Pay: Condition dependent. Extra Info: Put a hole in my boxxer lowers. After a cheap set or just lowers.
  10. CHEWY

    VIC WTB shock pump, 160mm+ forks.

    Item: Shock pump and forks Location: Melbourne eastern suburbs Price and price conditions: Cheap Extra Info: After a shock pump. Also after a set of forks, 160mm travel plus, dual or single clamp. Something like old boxxers or super Ts Melbourne eastern suburbs prefered.
  11. CHEWY

    Swap Manitou Sherman Flick Plus for 100 mm travel fork

    Item: Manitou sherman flick plus fork 110-150 mm travel. Location: Melbourne Price: Swap Extra info: Swap my manitou shermans for your 100 mm fork. Must be 20 mm axle straight steerer.u
  12. CHEWY

    Wanted: Giant STP or similar

    Item: Giant stp or similar hardtail or frame Condition: Used Location: melbourne or geelong Price: depends on bike/frame
  13. CHEWY

    WTB 80-100mm forks straight steerer 20mm axle

    As per title
  14. CHEWY

    2009 Ironhorse Sunday Team-X SOLD

    Item: 09 Sunday Medium Condition: Mechanically very good, cosmetically has shuttle marks Location: Geelong Price: $999 Info: Not riding this so need it gone. In very good condition. I went through it inside out when I bought it and have done 3 race meets since Linkage has new...
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  16. CHEWY

    WTB: Top swing front mech

    Item: Top swing front mech Location: Anywhere Condition: Good Price: $20 Cheers
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  18. CHEWY

    WTB: Light wheelset 20mm/135mm

    Item; After a lightish <2kg wheelset to fit 20mm front 135mm rear. Location: Anywhere Price: Let me know what you got ' Extra Info: Will be selling a set of rhyno lite on deore/formulas if anyone wants to buy/swaps Cheers
  19. CHEWY

    Swap ISCG adapter for ISCG 05 Adapter

    Item: Just throwing this out there before I buy an ISCG Adapter, anyone want to do swapsies? I have the 05 mount brand new Cheers
  20. CHEWY

    Trance XO

    Pretty crappy photos unfortunately