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  1. Cyclomaniac

    Hornsby Jumps

    I like to remind the young kids that it is OLD mans Valley. I shake my fist at them too. However, on the weekend, I was there happily casing the dirt jumps when I was joined by and older woman who looked to be in her early 50's. She threw shade, I gave up and went home.
  2. Cyclomaniac

    Newly Released Suspension & Components General

    And we have all been waiting for a smart though axle. I wonder if it could be used as a gear splitter in a wide range 5 or 6 speed using a wireless derailleur?
  3. Cyclomaniac

    AM Santa's 5010

    Wait, was that the knife, undies and finger, bush poo story? How could I forget! Edit: thanks nzhumpy
  4. Cyclomaniac

    AM Santa's 5010

    It cost a lot more than I ever thought I would spend on a bike but still a third of potential septic costs. Will see how it goes. Bush poos are an option. There is a second house that we will rent out, will have to find some open minded tenants. What did @Minlak do? Can't wait to be able to...
  5. Cyclomaniac

    AM Santa's 5010

    That's the spirit! Maybe I should just pipe the sewage down the back and create booby traps for moto's that ride my trails.
  6. Cyclomaniac

    AM Santa's 5010

    Another update: Been spending lots of time on it. Once I got used to it feeling a lot more loose on the rough stuff then it became a very capable bike. I need to remember it's not my enduro, I keep bottoming out so I have to change habits and line choice. I took it for a lap around Superbowl...
  7. Cyclomaniac

    Bargain buys thread

    Are the bearings sealed or just have the cover?
  8. Cyclomaniac

    Newly Released Bikes General

    Just measured mine, 5010 v2 is 2.5kg on the dot without shock.
  9. Cyclomaniac

    Bargain buys thread

    Bargain! I paid twice that much for my rusty/wet/bent Onza a few weeks ago.
  10. Cyclomaniac

    AM Santa's 5010

    Thanks beeb, I have read about mixed success too.
  11. Cyclomaniac

    NSW WTB: 27.5 boost wheelset

    Item: 27.5 boost wheelset Location: Jervis Bay or post. Price range/Willing to Pay: <600 Extra Info: Looking a trail set around 30mm id, sram cassette driver and hubs with decent poe. Prefer aluminium because of price.
  12. Cyclomaniac

    AM Santa's 5010

    So Santa came early this year. Due to a tip-off and an impulse buy I bought a 5010 frame (thanks @Alexxx) Will be slowly building it up from specials and second hand parts. Have some parts already but will be sure to be spamming up the WTB section. I have been riding enduro bikes and never owned...
  13. Cyclomaniac

    NSW WTD: Cane Creek 200x57mm coil shock

    Item: 200x57mm coil shock, preferably Cane Creek. Location: Jervis Bay Price range/Willing to Pay: Less than $300, depends on condition. Extra Info: Waiting for a sale to buy new but thought I would see what's out there first. Doesn't need a spring unless you happen to have a 600lbs...
  14. Cyclomaniac

    Bargain buys thread

    Hey Alexxx, I snapped one of these up, there seems to be more available but if you missed out then let me know and I will pass it on to you for the same price. Cheers.
  15. Cyclomaniac

    NSW FOUND: A cheap trials bike the whole family can enjoy.

    Found! Picked up an Onza on bookface. Hilarious when the kids forget there is no seat.
  16. Cyclomaniac

    Zerode Katipo

    There are one or two thumb shifter options out there but are expensive. One I saw required a shifter on each hand There is a couple of diy ones out there that look promising so eventually they will be available. The gearbox uses...
  17. Cyclomaniac


    The Vuly one we had lasted 6 or 7 years until the springs started letting go. I was in a damp salty environment so I thought it lasted well. Make sure you pin it down as others said, and make sure it is big enough to handle adults, I think I used ours more than the kids did.
  18. Cyclomaniac

    Allergy Immunotherapy advice pls.

    My heyfever appeared at the age of about 35. Spring was pretty miserable until I went back to work after about 7 years looking after the kids. Now being outside as a landscaper has taken the edge off it and is very manageable with nasal spray and a Fexo each day. Might have had something to do...
  19. Cyclomaniac

    Where does your user name come from?

    Tried to sign up as Ace Rimmer (Red Dwarf character) but had problems getting the account to work. Tried again with whatever came into my head. It worked or I contacted the mods or something so it stuck.