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  1. Mica

    QLD SOLD Five Ten Hellcat SPD 11US (brand new)

    Item: Five Ten Hellcat SPD shoes. Black Red 11US 10UK 44.5EU Location: Brisbane but happy to post Item Condition: Brand new and unused. Reason for selling: Just not my thing. Purchased on a whim and have sat idle for 6 months so better off with someone who may use them Price and price...
  2. Mica

    QLD Pump Track - Brisbane - Stafford

    This turned up in the post today. Looks like we may be getting another pump track here in Inner North Brisbane, see paragraph 5 Please send Tracy a message of encouragement ( and let’s make this a happen. Already sent my message of support since Bracken Ridge and...
  3. Mica

    Sold SOLD

    Does it count as sold if something is free???? Item: DHB size 44 MTB shoes. Location: Brisbane, prefer local sale of course but will post Item Condition: they look virtually brand new though the mounting plates show a little corrosion/rust. Reason for selling: Came in a box of goodies with a...
  4. Mica

    QLD SOLD Genuine Garmin Out front mount and speed sensor

    Item: Genuine Garmin Outfront Mount, Speed sensor (I think??) and a Stem Mount (also ?) Location: Brisbane but happy to post Item Condition: Practically new from what I can tell Reason for selling: Came in a box of goodies with a gumtree bike purchase and I have no need for it Price and price...
  5. Mica

    One photo, one word

    A stolen idea I’ve seen elsewhere and kind of borrowing from the “what does your day look like” thread. What summarises your last ride? As the title says.... Solitude
  6. Mica

    QLD Sold

    Item: Norco Ryde 2014 I believe Location: Brisbane but will ship. Item Condition: Very Good. Bought a couple of months ago off gumtree and looks as new (bar a minimal bit of surface rust on forks and a small knock in BB I haven't bothered investigating. Reason for selling: Bought to tool...
  7. Mica

    QLD Sold

    Item: Bianchi San Jose rolling frameset (size 58c-t) Location: Brisbane but fine to ship Item Condition: Used but still has plenty of life left. Usual wear and tear you'd expect with a number of scuffs but nothing out of the ordinary. Reason for selling: n+1-1=n+wife Price and price...
  8. Mica

    QLD Klunker

    Item: Transition Klunker or similar Location: Brisbane but would consider paying shipping for the right item Price range/Willing to Pay: Open to options but cheap is cheerful Extra Info: I'm optimistic aren't I !??!???
  9. Mica

    Indian Pacific Wheel Race

    Some quality dot watching going on at the moment for bikepacking fans and those looking for a distraction with all the rain around at the moment. Perth to Sydney dodging road trains all the way. 600+km covered on day one. Sick bastards!!! Plenty of info and social media to trawl through...
  10. Mica

    QLD FOUND 1 1/8 29er Rigid Fork

    Item: Rigid Fork for a 29er, must be 1 1/8 steerer, at least 170mm length. Location: Brisbane but happy to pay shipping if you're happy to post Price range/Willing to Pay: Less than you want for them [emoji12] Extra Info: Not interested in cheap eBay forks. Chasing some quality ones...
  11. Mica

    What do you ride with your kids?

    With all the talk about what your kids ride I'm more interested in what you ride with your kids? What bike/s do you keep, justify, or have even bought to go for a ride with the kids? My two little ones are finally clicking with riding... (Cue proud parent photo above from yesterday's first day...
  12. Mica

    QLD Sold

    Item: Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch. Location: BNE but happy to post Item Condition: Practically flawless, a couple of tiny marks around the edge and sticker on back is worn off from a vigorous clean I gave it at some point but otherwise presents as new. Screen is untouched. I think about a...
  13. Mica

    QLD Found (or sold or whatever you want here)

    Item: As per title. Need some v brake levers Location: Brisbane but happy to pay postage as/if needed. Item Condition: Good is preferred Reason for buying: Too many spare parts(except for v levers) and stupid build ideas... Price and price conditions: All considered. Extra Info: Trawled...
  14. Mica


    You know you all love it, I do for some sadistic reason. Thought I'd share my latest conquest (and rub in the fact I'm in Italy [emoji13] and about to head to the tour). After climbing the Gavia and Stelvio we decided to head up a lesser known route on the Mortirolo from Tovo (not all on the...
  15. Mica

    27.5+ = 29?

    Curious to hear others thoughts on this as I haven't seen much talk on it but is the new 27.5+ movement just the full circle of the bike industry moving back to 29 just under a different name. Yes 27.5+ is a wider tyre, larger contact patch/traction, more cushion etc but in the end aren't we...
  16. Mica

    QLD Sold

    Item: Surly 1x1 Frame. Large (ST 19inch C-T TT 22inch C-C). Recently professionally stripped and repainted in a stunning red with a subtle orange undercoat that can be seen in some lights/angles (done by a guy who sprays vintage cars for a living). Includes Salsa forks, Chris King headset and...
  17. Mica

    QLD [BRIS] 26' SS rear wheel

    Item: 26inch singlespeed disc rear wheel. Preferable bolt up. Cassette or screw on style, no issue either way. All options considered. Condition: As long as it's round and suits the above. Location: local preferred but happy to pay for shipping for the right thing. Price: as above, all...
  18. Mica

    Mental health day

    Made a fantastic decision yesterday that I was taking a mental health day and working from home. Work, family, work, money and work have been doing my head in and other than commuting I haven't ridden a bike in months Packed the wife off to work, the kids off to day care then jumped on the...
  19. Mica

    Time ATAC

    Item: Time ATAC pedals, all models/condition considered (except the big DH ones) Location: BNE but happy to pay shipping Price range/Willing to Pay: $20 less than you want for them Extra Info: I'm sick of my daughter signing songs from the Frozen movie
  20. Mica

    Ad campagains you wish existed and general bike snobbery

    Hopefully this makes sense to a bunch of you out there and starts something fun. Wanting to see your ideas for bike ad campaigns you wish existed and perhaps some of the great ones that do (anyone remember the old ads with Bill Clinton endorsing an impotence free saddle??). Anyway here's...