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  1. Mr Crudley

    Found: Shimano XT M785 Left Hand Lever

    Folks, It is a long shot, but would anyone have an unloved but working left hand XT BL-M785 lever like below? A busted clamp is tough to recover. Thanks All,
  2. Mr Crudley

    NSW New Pearl Izumi Size 39 Shoes

    Dear folks and folkettes, As new Pearl Izumi shoes. Very Terraduro-esque IMHO. Item: Pearl Izumi spd shoes. Women's size 39. Location: Sydney but can post. Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Got it in a hope that it might be good for someone else. Labelled as women's but I'd gladly wear...
  3. Mr Crudley

    Dislike Button

    Dear Lords of Burning Rotors, The like button is an innovation since we don't have to write long arsed responses and promotes laziness. It is so handy but we send the wrong message to fellow Burners if we like unlikable things since there is no alternative. Could this confusing but...
  4. Mr Crudley

    BMXPO 2017 - Sunday 10th of September

    Not *really* MTB's related but a close cousin. Someone here must be interested. At five dock stake park in Sydney. Stu Thomson is the guest of honour this year. and
  5. Mr Crudley

    Shimano Hub Diagrams

    This might come in handy sooner or later, although saying 'exploded view' just sounds like trouble.
  6. Mr Crudley

    Oaks Singletrack Closed

    Hi all, I don't know if this has already been covered here but here we go anyhow. It could easily pop up in the Douche Listing of the Day thread but one day wouldn't cover it. The Oaks Single track at Glenbrook is closed due to, wait for it, asbestos contamination :flame: See link...