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    For Sale 'SOLD' Script not working?

    Is there an issue with the for sale section? I see a heap of threads with 'SOLD' in the title not being automatically moved to the sold section.
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    Sold SOLD Chris King Bottom Brackets SOLD

    Item: Chris King BB Threaded Standard Bearings and BB92 Ceramic Bearings Location:Cairns Item Condition:Used Reason for selling:Not Needed Price and price conditions:$200 for both and tools Extra Info: includes Chris king Greasing tool and Chris King Threaded BB tool Pictures...
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    QLD Sold delete

    Item: 2013 Fox 34 Kashima Talas 150/160 Push Factory System Elite Dampening Cartrige fitted by NS Dymamics 26 Inch Location: Cairns Item Condition:Excellent Condition Reason for selling:DVO Diamond Price and price conditions:$600 plus postage Extra Info: NSD have fitted the PUSH Factory...
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    QLD Sold delete

    Item: Assorted Rotors Location: Cairns Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Not Used Price and price conditions: Hope Saw Floating Rotors 160mm $40 each Plus Postage Hayes 200mm $30 each plus postage Hayes 160mm $20 each or 3 for $50 plus postage Kettle Carbon rotors...$50 for the...
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    Item: SixC XC Carbon Chain Guide Location: Cairns Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Not needed. Price and price conditions: $75 Plus postage Extra Info: Front Dérailleur Direct Mount Pictures:
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    SOLD Fox Float Factory CTD Tune M/M Boost 175 Kashima 200*57

    Item: Fox Float Factory CTD Tune M/M Boost 175 Kashima 200*57 (ID CCRJ) Location:Cairns (Express Bag at Buyers Expense) Item Condition: Near New Reason for selling:Spare/Wrong tune for current bike Price and price conditions:$200 + Post Extra Info:Purchased originally as an upgrade for my...
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    Claudios' Cairns Run Woot woot....slippery...and a good showing from the brown eyed Cairns spectators. Noticed that the local rider took the whoops no worries...sorry Gwinny you will not be able to use the enduro bike here matey.
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    Dot Bike extension

    Apparently the .bike website extension has recently become available and I thought or had a good ring to it. You guys/gals may want to look into securing these URLs before the .bike becomes popular.
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    Riding sub-category tweak

    Any thoughts to changing the sub categories of the riding section to align with the current event types....i.e change XC/Enduro to XC/Marathon and change All Mountain to All Mountain/Enduro or add an additional Enduro sub-category.
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    WTF Cheaper to insure a ROAD Bike (Ducati) than my new MTB

    I was chasing up some quotes to insure my new ride (Pivot 5.7c) and was shocked by how expensive some of the quotes were. $650 a year to ensure a $10k MTB I thought this was really steep considering most of the riding is done off road and it is primarily for theft insurance. While still in a...
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    Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon

    Frame - Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon Large Red (with Frame skin) Rear shock - Fox Float CTD Ta Front shock/fork - Fox 34 TALAS 160 CTD Ta (with Fork skin) (Swapping Talas Spring with a 150-120mm Talas Spring) Handlebars - Easton Haven Carbon Stem - Thompson 4X Silver (Red Bling Kit and Red Spacers)...
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    QLD Sold

    Item: 2007 Ellsworth Moment Large Blue Location:Cairns (Can test ride at Edge Cycleworks) Item Condition:Good some minor scratches and cable rub Reason for selling:Finance new bike build Price and price conditions:$2000 now with pedals and decent to offers. UPDATED 23-03-13...
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    High Def MTB movies

    Has anybody released any of the newer MTB flicks in a High Definition format? I know Seasons was supposed to have been recorded with HD cameras, but I am unable to find any Blu-Ray versions. These movies would look awesome on my Plasma in HD.