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  1. Jpez

    VIC 29 cushcore x 1 SOLD BOUGHT SORTED

    Item: 29 cushcore or you got a better option? Location: auspost Item Condition: new or just not shit Reason for buying : I need one Price and price conditions: fair to you and I Extra Info: I know a few people have been trying different inserts and have been going from one to another So...
  2. Jpez

    VIC SOLD Water proof socks

    Item: large/xlarge Seal Skins waterproof socks Location: Melbourne but happy to post Item Condition: brand new not worn Reason for selling: never used them, would hate to chuck them out. Price and price conditions: free. Just pay postage or pick up Extra Info: no idea why I bought these...
  3. Jpez

    found. SOLD thanks Moorey. Yet again!

    Item: sram matchmaker x bracket. Location: Altona north or postage Item Condition: not rooted Reason for selling: need Price and price conditions: less than retail Extra Info: Pictures: yes.
  4. Jpez


    Item: Ergon fat grips Location: postage Item Condition: new/near new Reason for selling: buying. Price and price conditions: you tell me Extra Info: looooong shot but does anyone have a set of Ergon fatgrips they tried and didn’t like or know where some are in stock? They appear discontinued...
  5. Jpez


    Item: 34 tooth chainring Location: postage. Item Condition: decent Reason for selling: I’m buying. Price and price conditions: cheaper Extra Info: 4 bolt 94 bcd Pictures: yes.looks like this
  6. Jpez

    VIC Another FOUND thanks Moorey

    Item: WTB shagged out old xc/gravel/tarmac tires 27.5 Location:Altona north but postage Fine Item Condition:shagged is good. Reason for selling: the world has turned upside down. Price and price conditions:cheap Extra Info: Doing a heap of bike path km’s with a little bit of single...
  7. Jpez

    VIC Bell Super 3R large SOLD

    Item: Bell Super 3R Mips large Location: Altona North or You Yangs. Can post but it probably won't be worth it. Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Proframe Price and price conditions: $80 Extra Info: Helmet is in good condition. I haven't babied it so it has plenty of scuffs and marks...
  8. Jpez

    Superstitions. pelicans.

    TLDR? ^^ Who has em and what are they? I’ve never been superstitious or believed in any hocus pocus but when I lived in Cambodia for a couple of years that started to change. I had a really bad run over there including a bad dirt bike accident, work and personal dramas etc. A good Khmer...
  9. Jpez

    Eagle 12 speed

    Im getting old. Climbing is getting harder or I’m just getting lazier so I was considering upgrading? to a 12 speed drivetrain for the lower gear. A cheap drivetrain minus cranks has come up on FB. So question is can I use my current 11sp RF chainring on Eagle? Google says mostly yes...
  10. Jpez

    VIC E13 9-46 11sp cassette SOLD

    Item: e13 9-46 cassette and ethirteen cassette bb tool. SOLD SOLD SOLD. Location: Altona nth Vic Item Condition: ok Strava shows 800km. 9-28th looks barely worn. 33 to 46 moreso. That section can be bought separately. Reason for selling: just don’t get along with it. Price and price...
  11. Jpez

    VIC brand new Maxis Aggressor tires (WONKY) SOLD

    Item: 2 Agressor tires. 2.3 and 2.5 TR Exo both 27.5 Both SOLD Location: Altona Nth Item Condition: Brand spankas, little bit of Stans goop stuck to the inside. Never ridden. Reason for selling: Wonky Price and price conditions: free to anyone that wants em. Will post, just pay postage...
  12. Jpez

    Riding in Adelaide

    So I’m heading up to Adelaide in October and have one day to ride. My bike and I will unceremoniously be dumped at a trail head by the missus while she goes and does her thing. So I know nothing about Adelaide trails so the question is where? I saw Fox creek on You tube which looks...
  13. Jpez

    What is this?

    Saw this on FB and I have no idea. Asked the poster and just got a cryptic “custom boost 83mm 53 mm chainline and other stuff. I can see a cable. Is it some sort of second chainring or something? Is this a commmon thing and I live under a rock?
  14. Jpez

    Wonky rear mech?

    If you can’t be bothered reading is this rear mech bent? Ive got an E13 cassette that Ive never been happy with. It keeps coming loose and causing shit gear changes. Took it to the lbs and got them to ‘sort it out’. Anyway get it back with a promise of it being “mint” and it’s better but...
  15. Jpez

    Spindle spacers

    Does anybody know where these can be gotten in Australia? Tried the usual suspects but no joy.
  16. Jpez

    Bling my spring.

    I’m looking to upgrade my coil shock spring to Ti. No real reason really. Just because. So I went searching for places to buy and the main one that comes up for a reasonable price is Ti springs .com. But looking through their reviews they don’t inspire confidence. Checked NSD and they are...
  17. Jpez

    Wonky tires

    Has anybody ever put a tire out of round by having to fight the thing on the rim? So the story goes I bought a 2.3 Aggressor and installed it tubeless. When I spun it around I found it had a huge wonk. Something like 7mm out. Contacted supplier and got it warrantied. So just the other...
  18. Jpez

    VIC 35ish mm riser bars

    Item: 35 mm high riser bars or there abouts. Location: Vic will to pay postage. Price range/Willing to Pay: depends Extra Info: must be minimum 780w. 35dia but will consider 31.8. Especially if you have a < 50mm stem to go with it.
  19. Jpez

    Looking for the guy that crashed on boulder YOu Yangs today.

    I'm looking for the fella on the Black Trek Fuel that crashed rolling the boulder at Mach chicken at the Youis today. My mate was filming with a drone and we actually caught the crash on film from above. Looks pretty awesome! He'll be uploading it to you tube a bit later. Thought you...
  20. Jpez

    VIC 2016 Trek Fuel ex9 SOLD

    Item: 2016 Trek Fuel ex9 Sold sold sold sold. Location: Altona nth Melbourne Item Condition: great Reason for selling: looking for more travel Price and price conditions: $2700 can take Cromag bars and stem off for $$ saving. Extra Info: 2016 TREX FUEL EX9 size large 19"...