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    Little Things You Hate

    We all thank you for your self control in difficult circumstances. Get well soon.
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    Mills and Lathes

    Maybe make the burnishing tip removable/separate from the handle/extension. Result will be adaptable to different forks and easier to make.
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    Mills and Lathes

    Should be fun. Not sure if you know this, so hopefully I'm not teaching you to suck eggs. To hit an accurate final diameter on a lathe is a bit counter intuitive. You might be tempted to get close to the desired diameter and then take a series of ever finer passes to 'hone' in on the desired...
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    LIGHTS MEGATHREAD - all questions on riding lights asked and answered here!!!

    Careful. No one wants to see him arc up. I've heard it's quite shocking.
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    beautiful bikes - post them here

    I'm still having a bit of trouble with the whole steep seat tube / slack front end aesthetic of some of these bikes. They look like something that hasn't survived a big huck-to-flat. I don't mind the skinny tubes of the Starling but the fact that the rear triangle's 'seat-stays' have a bend in...
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    Burnishing tool for Mezzer

    You'll probably need to measure with an outside micrometer. Although a good set of vernier calipers may have a display resolution of 0.01mm, their accuracy when measuring something 35/36mm round will be far less (maybe as bad as +/- 0.05mm). Also, the stanchions I have mic'd are never...
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    The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.

    Do it. I use my 2010 Anthem for bikepacking. Works so well and the 3x drivetrain is excellent for long distance efficient riding.
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    That is the sort of ugly only a mother could love.
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    Newly Released Suspension & Components General

    780g! We must be getting close to peak stupidity on the whole 1x thing. I miss the days of 260g XT cassettes at $50 a pop and nice close ratio gears with minimal cross-chaining. Is using a front derailleur really that hard?
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    Bargain buys thread

    Nice one guys. Picked up one of those XT RDs as a spare. Only got one bike with 12 speed but I'll be able to get it to work with any 10/11 speed setups with minimal tweaking.
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    WA Found Fork fluids

    I actually have access to Supergliss. I use it on our only box way machine. Because its a PITA to get I save it for that machine and just use Mobil 1 in my forks. Probably unlikely you could tell the difference in actual use. You will generally be far better off just doing more frequent fork...
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    Bargain buys thread

    I too like the KMC chains. Have only used the SL ones but have bought a bunch of the 11 speed EL now too. The price was too good to pass up.
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    Are you sure you haven't stripped the thread inside the axle where the alllen bolt engages? The frame and outer axle thread looks OK at least for more than hand tight engagement.
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    TAS FOUND: cheap unicorn(150-160 mm straight steerer fork)

    I thought the Nixon, Minute & Sherman were all 32mm but I could be wrong. I've only owned a Nixon at it certainly is 32mm.
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    TAS FOUND: cheap unicorn(150-160 mm straight steerer fork)

    Manitou in 32mm with 20mm hex axle are stiffer than all those. Nixon, Sherman etc.
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    WA Found Fork fluids

    They can be, but they are also replaceable. The upper bushings are pretty easy to replace with minimal special tools and are typically the ones that wear. I made a bushing removal tool using some threaded rod and a suitably sized washer with two edges filed flat. Also, I think @Plankosaurus...
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    WA Found Fork fluids

    I don't think it needs to be synthetic. The trick is really just to maintain the forks sufficiently often that there is no dirt migration past the seals. The seal lips should be packed with silicon grease and this will capture any dirt that makes it past the seal's top lip and stop it from...
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    WA Found Fork fluids

    This. But don't buy any 15W, just use good quality motor oil for the splash lube. I use Mobil 1 but it's what I have in bulk for the cars. Any good synthetic motor oil will be better than 15W fork oil for splash lube in the lowers.
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    Mtb prices gone stupid: The Renovation, Planning Permission & Fkn Tradies (and climate change and dog breeding ethics, +greyhound appreciation) Thread

    Indeed. I think they pretty much printed all of that -
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    Plastic bags, climate change, renewable energy,

    We all probably need to get off the internet. Apparently CO2 emissions from cloud based computing data centers is right up there.