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  1. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    I notice there a has been a few IT related questions in the past and like many other obscure topics there's a general wealth of knowledge floating around the forum, so I propose a place to come and ask questions for the technologically challenged. I've been using the same domain/email host for...
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    STOLEN ACT Norco Sight A1 & Commencal Clash

    Bike: Norco Sight A1 and Commencal Clash Colour: Dark Green (Sight) and Grey (Clash) Date it was stolen: 17/04/2021 Where it was stolen: Karabar Specs: Other Descriptions: Owned by Ellie and Duke, sharing in...
  3. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    NSW [WTB] Rigid fork

    Item: Rigid fork Location: Newcastle, NSW Price range/Willing to Pay: $300 Extra Info: Tapered steerer, 15x100mm axle, 476mm axle to crown.
  4. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    NSW Hope E4 Tech 3 Black [FOUND]

    Item: Hope E4 Tech 3 Black (complete or caliper only) Location: Newcastle Price range/Willing to Pay: $150 Extra Info: Just got around to fitting the Hope V4 from @the drizzle and the rear caliper fouls on the frame so I'm chasing any of the following. a) Swap my Hope V4 set/rear/caliper for...
  5. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    NSW WTB: SRAM DUB™ Press Fit 92 Outer Right 2mm Spacer [FOUND]

    Item: SRAM DUB™ Press Fit 92 Outer Right 2mm Spacer Location: Newcastle, willing to pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: <$15 Extra Info: New or near new condition please. Received the mediocre Trek frame which came fitted with said bottom bracket but did not include the spacers per the below...
  6. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    NSW [FOUND] Shimano XTR Shifter 11 Speed

    Item: Shimano XTR Shifter 11 Speed bar mount Location: Newcastle, willing to pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: $150 Extra Info: New or near new condition please.
  7. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    NSW [FOUND] Hope Tech3 E4

    Item: Hope Tech3 E4 Brakeset Black Location: Newcastle Price range/Willing to Pay: $350 Extra Info: Left lever rear / Right lever front, Black, would also consider V4.
  8. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    International [SOLD] P2 Respirator - 3M Pro

    Item: 3M Cool Flow P2 Respirator - Last in existence in known universe. Location: Wuhan Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Profit from the fear of others. Price and price conditions: Can you really put a price on your health? Buyer pays postage. Extra Info: Also available, guaranteed to...
  9. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    Avid Brake Hose Angle Adaptor

    I suspect that this is going to end up as an entry in the f-wits thread but for now it's here as I need answers. Does anybody know if you can get an angle adaptor that screws into an Avid lever body that would result in the brake hose running parallel to the bars? I have a Salsa Anything...
  10. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    NSW [FOUND] Salsa Kingpin -or- Bearpaw

    Item: Salsa Kingpin Deluxe -or- Bearpaw rigid carbon fork, 15x150mm, tapered, three-pack mounts. Location: Newcastle, NSW Price Range/Willing to Pay: Up to $300 Extra Info: Special order item only from the local distributor who won't be putting another order through to Salsa until April. Perhaps...
  11. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    NSW 26" 160mm Suspension Fork

    Item: 26" 160mm Suspension Fork Location: Newcastle, NSW or willing to post. Price range/Willing to Pay: Cheap and cheerful Extra Info: 20mm axle, non-boost spacing, tapered steerer
  12. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    Dirt Jump Frames with 142 x 12mm Sliding Axle?

    Looking to buy new or second hand dirt jump frame, preferably in Aluminium. For cross compatibility of wheels with other bikes in the fleet I am chasing rear axle 142 x 12mm with horizontal or sliding dropouts, I know that the Trek Ticket DJ has this and I think that the Santa Cruz Jackal may...
  13. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    Sold 2012 Trek Session 88 26" (Small)

    Item: 2012 Trek Session 88 26" (Small) Location: Newcastle Item Condition: Used, excellent condition Reason for selling: N+1 = N-1 Price and price conditions: $1,800 Extra Info: Specification: Fork: Fox 40 RC2 FIT (Blue Spring) Shock: Fox DHX RC2 8.75x2.75 (400lbs Spring) Wheels: Bontrager...
  14. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    NSW Dirt Required for Pump Track Build

    The design for the pump track in my back yard has been approved and construction is set to start early December. Does anyone in the Newcastle/Maitland area have two hundred odd cubic meters of reasonable quality track building dirt they want to offload?
  15. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    NSW [FOUND] 26" 160-180mm Fork

    ITEM: 26" 160-180mm Single crown fork with tapered steerer and 15mm axle. LOCATION: Newcastle, NSW PRICE: Relative to condition EXTRA:
  16. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    Europe - Austria

    An upcoming work trip will see me in Austria for a few weeks around May based out of Zeltweg, I have already flagged the following as potential ride destinations and hope to tick them all off whilst I'm there. Does anyone else have any suggestions of must do/see/ride. My preference leans towards...
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    NSW Garmin Edge 510 [Sold]

    Item: Garmin Edge 510 Location: Newcastle Region, NSW Item condition: Used, cosmetic scuff marks on screen, functionally good. Reason for selling: Using the mapping feature on my Edge 810 more and I don't need two, no need to be greedy. Price and price condition: $220 including postage and...
  18. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    Physiotherapist Recommendations - Maitland/Newcastle NSW

    So I am looking for Burners recommendations for a good physio (or stories of who to avoid) in the Maitland/Newcastle area. I'm currently four weeks post patellofemoral stabilisation with tibial tubercle transfer and it's time to get this bad boy on the mend and back on the bike. Anyone with a...
  19. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    Garmin Edge 510 - Bruckt

    Just riding along the local trails recently and my Garmin jumps out of it's mount and falls to the ground, on closer inspection the little mounting feet have broken off the quarter turn on the back of the units case. A little interwebs search reveals that it isn't an isolated case but seeing how...
  20. cokeonspecialtwodollars

    NSW Wanted: FOX 831 - 2014 34mm 26"[FOUND]

    Item: FOX 831 Suspension Forks Location: Newcastle, NSW Price Range/Willing to Pay: Up to $900 Extra Info: Looking for MY2014 with 34mm staunctions, preferably new or as new condition. Maybe you have a set for a build that didn't go ahead or maybe your local has a set on the shelf, let me know...