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  1. Haakon

    Xfusion Manic - where to get replacement cartridge?

    Any one one found a source? Link Sports (x fusion importer) wont sell me the cartridge, only a $100 service. I think I can manage a dropper cartridge, and it's weird they refuse to sell the part.
  2. Haakon

    Bike cage etiquette

    So - is it ok to move someone's bike if they have parked where you usually want to, but they got there first? Its murder down there!
  3. Haakon

    ACT Cycling back pack 15 litres

    Item: 15 litre backpack - DHB (Wiggle house brand) Slice Location: ACT Item Condition: As new. Used to commute to work a few times.... Reason for selling: A bit small for my usual load of clothes and crap on my work commute... Price and price conditions: $50 posted Aus-wide. Extra Info...
  4. Haakon

    An Orange called Don

    I shall call it Don the Con. Its orange, over weight, unsophisticated, over valued, has a bunch of weirdos as fans, and it goes down hill fast... 2021 Orange Five Evo frameset in Fizzy Orange on order. Still waiting on the factory schedule and delivery date though.... I suspect patience will be...
  5. Haakon

    Happy Festivus!

    Start airing your grievances now :)
  6. Haakon

    UK rider - fundraising following paralysis from MTB accident

    This is a friend of a colleague of mine in the UK, worth posting here. This could be any of us... The accident that injured him was a tame one - a messed up landing, a bounce and over he went - we've all crashed like that!!
  7. Haakon

    Help me find a fork - 37mm offset 140/150mm

    Sorry, quick quarantine breach - but I need the brains trust. 37mm offset 140-150mm fork - where are the deals at the moment? Anyone got a good used one...? Stock availability and/or geoblocks are making it tricky. Its an odd offset and I really don't want to spend megabucks... Can get a Fox...
  8. Haakon

    Kickstarter - intercom system Looks like it might be cool for group rides.
  9. Haakon

    Where to get a decent 26er wheel set these days

    Who's got a line on where to get them these days...? New or good used. 10 speed.
  10. Haakon

    Google message so what's this all about?
  11. Haakon

    Floor varnish - water or oil based?

    The brains trust around here has dealt with more obscure things before... Having floorboards done - what type of varnish is best?
  12. Haakon

    Best beginner dually for a big bloke

    Guy in Hobart i know asked for advice on a beginner bike - 6’2” and 95kg. Ride Nth Sth track and presumably will get to Derby. 29er of course, but any brands better for big blokes?
  13. Haakon

    Manned Space X launch

    6.30 tomorrow morning, set your alarm kiddies.
  14. Haakon

    Deore 12 speed

    Now released. Looks good.
  15. Haakon

    Show us your home working setup

    I’m a data monkey in an office (usually...), so it’s all about screen real estate. Although during the week I sully my Mac with windoze via Citrix...
  16. Haakon

    cheap and good wheel bearings source in lockdown

    DT Swiss (OE Giant TRX 1 wheel set) rear hub - size 15x28x7. Enduro is the default choice I guess, but anyone found a cheap non bike specific source?
  17. Haakon

    Boutique bike pricing

    Helping a mate buy his first proper bike, and there are some appealing used bargains floating about. Or at least they might be... How do you price a used boutique...? eg an older model Canfield with older 10sp gear and a life of proper riding....
  18. Haakon

    Why are roadies mechanically inept?

    And mountain bikers know how to fix stuff? Guy near me is one of those triathlete weirdos, and said he had a Giant Trintiy with ETap on it. Couldn’t answer any of the technical questions I had out of curiosity. Mega bucks bike and doesn’t know how it works... I find that weird.
  19. Haakon

    Shortest 150mm dropper?

    Giant Trance has a pivot in the seat tube, so can’t get my 150mm X Fusion Manic far enough in - saddle still a little high. It’s about 440mm total length which seems the norm from what I can tell... Anything I’ve missed that’s known for being more compact length wise...?
  20. Haakon

    Dropper post collar - cant undo it...

    X Fusion Manic, stupid tight... Anyone got any magic tricks before I break out the vice grips and leave gouge marks in it....? Can not get this bloody thing off. Bought a strap wrench even. Its on super tight. I'm thinking maybe putting it in the freezer...