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  1. nathanm

    TAS Old crap now cheap

    Location: Hobart, Tas Reason for selling: Surplus parts from builds I no longer require Item: complete 3x9 drivetrain Item Condition: good to average Price and price conditions: $50 Extra Info: Cranks are 22/32/44 175mm arms, Shimano XT rear derailleur, LX shifter and top pull front derailleur...
  2. nathanm

    TAS M8000 XT RH Brake Lever (Black)

    Item: RH XT brake lever M8000 Location: Post to Tas Item Condition: as new Reason for buying: joined the fuckwits club and drove my car with the bike on the roof into a buildings roof. Price and price conditions: less than $50 Extra Info: Black Pictures:
  3. nathanm

    TAS Powerspline BB (73x113) and NW chain ring (4x104BCD)

    Item: as per title Location: post to tas Item Condition: good Reason for buying: have an old husselfelt crankset I'm thinking of using and converting to 1x Price and price conditions: $20ish each. Extra Info: should be covered by title. not fussed on colours etc just functionality. Pictures:
  4. nathanm


    Item: TransX 170mm Dropper Post Location: Hobart, TAs Item Condition: Pulled off Brand New bike without use Reason for selling: Wrong Size, didn't want to shim it so bought a 31.6mm like I should have done first time Price and price conditions: $120 + post Extra Info: 30.9mm, doesn't include...
  5. nathanm

    BSA to BB30 worth the hassle?

    Picked up some 165mm XO carbon cranks for the kids bike. But of course they're PF BB30. Is it worth the time and effort to try and fit these in a 73mm BSA frame? Did search the bottom bracket threads but couldn't find anything that covers this situation, so apologies if I'm bringing up old news.
  6. nathanm

    Front Shifter

    Item: Front Shifter Location: post to Tas Price range/Willing to Pay: cheap Extra Info: 2x preferred but will take 3x. Shimano also preferred. Older models fine
  7. nathanm

    TAS Custom 3XL & 4XL SS Jerseys

    Item: "nmetrails" custom designed short sleeve jerseys Location: Hobart, TAS Item Condition: Brand new Reason for selling: setting up a mtb apparel company catering to big and tall riders. Our "supplier" gave the wrong measurements to their factory and made the 3 and 4XL jerseys a "regular"...
  8. nathanm

    Brand X HT-01 Budget Bitza

    Needed an extra bike for the kids to ride to the ice cream shop and had a few good parts spare so decided to knock together another build. The frame is interesting. 27.5 wheels with tapered steerer but 135qr rear wheel and IS brake mounts were a bit of a struggle. Cost around $800 to build not...
  9. nathanm

    TAS 160mm Rear IS Brake Mount Adapter

    Item: 160mm Rear IS Brake Mount Adapter Location: Greater Hobart, TAS Price range/Willing to Pay: $10 Extra Info: Why a 2018 model frame still has IS Brake Mounts and a 135mm QR rear end it truly beyond me. No wonder it was only $250. But hey a Burner gets $10 instead of some Ebay store.
  10. nathanm

    Crankset - Non Boost preferred

    Item: Crankset Location: Tas Price range/Willing to Pay: $100ish Extra Info: prefer with chainring and BB, but happy to look at just base Crankset. <170mm arm length preferred but will take what I can get.
  11. nathanm

    Box 3 Prime 9 Speed Groupset thoughts?

    Building up a cheap small hardtail for the kids to use and for Jayne to hone her pumptrack skills. Got everything but the drivetrain which I want to be 1x for simplicity as the kids and Jayne struggle with shifting. As it's getting hard to find 10 speed stuff, particularly with a decent size...
  12. nathanm

    TAS Groupset or 10 speed cassette and cranks

    Item: Groupset, complete or just a 10 speed cassette with 36t+ and cranks Location: post to Tas Price range/Willing to Pay: under $250 Extra Info: 1x including cranks. For kids so needs to have 36t gearing as minimum. 10 or 11 speed preferred non-boost If possible though happy to change...
  13. nathanm

    TAS 07 Aggressor complete Bike Split

    Item: Complete bike split 07 Avanti Aggressor Hardtail Location: Hobart, TAS Item Condition: Very good, barely used still has original tyres. usual scuff and scratches and paint fade for an older bike. Reason for selling: bought to split, keep parts I need for future builds Price and price...
  14. nathanm

    Can I repair Level T Brakes cut at the caliper cheaply?

    Picked up a couple of sets of Level T brakes cheap and the seller said the hose would need to be "reconnected". Wasn't until I checked them last night I found they've been cut at the caliper :mad: Being cheap brakes I don't want to put any money into them, so is there a cheap way of unfucking...
  15. nathanm

    Jerseys and shorts for "Plus" sized riders

    Do any other ample sized riders struggle to find jerseys and shorts to fit? Having stacked on a few kilos on top of the too many I already have I can no longer fit into standard sized gear and ended up getting some custom made jerseys from overseas. Like all imported stuff it's cheaper to get...
  16. nathanm

    Cheap HT frame options

    Looking at building another cheap hardtail for Jayne and the kids so looking for frame options. Have the forks and partial drivetrain so don't need much more other X hardtail is a good cheap option but 135qr rear wheel is a let down...
  17. nathanm

    Frame and parts - tapered steerer

    Item: Frame and parts Location: post to TAS Item Condition: Good Reason for buying: I bought a Giant Talon which is a bit shit but Suntour have sent me a replacement set of forks so now I have forks and partial drivetrain and $500 from selling the Talon so you do the math. Price and price...
  18. nathanm

    Help with frame ID and single speed

    So I bought this frame and some parts cheap to paint and rebuild with the idea of getting someone new into riding cheap. But I can't work out what the frame is. It looks to be a 2000s Norco dirt jumper like a 150 but has vertical drop outs and no cable mounts/guides other than one on the rear...
  19. nathanm

    What fork is this

    Guessing Marzocchi with the M crown, maybe some type of Dirt Jam? Has Red Dials on top, one adjusts travel from 110-130mm (maybe 120-140?) and the other dial goes click click and has a random hole in it. Two adustments on the bottom of the legs but the adjusters are missing. Being 1 1/8 straight...
  20. nathanm

    Which rattle can for frame painting

    Looks like this hasn't been covered for a few years so starting a new thread as Moorey love it when I do this. So I'm looking at doing a vaccuum cleaner strawberry jam job on a crappy old frame i've bought for no other reason than it sounds like fun, i'm bored and need a project. The frame has...