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    Mtb prices gone stupid: The Renovation, Planning Permission & Fkn Tradies (and climate change and dog breeding ethics, +greyhound appreciation) Thread

    Major lender put up rates last week, and increased minimum deposit percentage. A majority of high percentage LVR loans have been pulled from market over the last quarter.
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    Mtb prices gone stupid: The Renovation, Planning Permission & Fkn Tradies (and climate change and dog breeding ethics, +greyhound appreciation) Thread

    Land supply is the worst it's been in Victoria in the last 5 years. Goodluck buying a semi decent buildable block in Greenfields or regional areas... And that's without the 50 odd percent of the national immigration doing their thing here in Vic. Construction costs in the last month's are about...
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    Hayes Dominion brakes.

    Yup. Haven't seen a pair under 300 pound in a long time, not bad for a new 10 year old brake. They could pull up 100kg+ guys without effort. It's a shame that the braking systems new brakes price is so high as they've gone with a massive single piston too, but 999euro was abit much...
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    Hayes Dominion brakes.

    Hope should of stuck with the the single 25mm piston in the V2. One-day I'll find some trial zone calipers actually in stock and switch them..
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    Hayes Dominion brakes.

    Thinking about changing from the hope e4s and these are worth a think. Formulas Lever just puts me off. Just these came in any colour but the bronze..
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    Who's buying a forestal?

    Title sums it up, anyone going to follow Cedric and get on the forestal boat?
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    Google message

    What a lie. Not worth the search haha
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    Saracen must be loving it.
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    One thing the industry didn't actually get right, should of been embraced.
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    Electric Vehicles etc

    I'd like to see less Tesla's broken down. Currently the most common car I've seen on a tow truck for the last year..
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    SC Bullit

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    mid travel 29er suggestions

    Just buy a hugune for shits and giggles.
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    AM F**K carbon.

    Love it! Was amazing at Bright in the wet. I'll be buying a spare from Cambria definitely!! It's frankly been a revelation.
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    AM F**K carbon.

    Well may try mt7s and a Mara pro rear shock for shits and giggles. The e4s arent a patch on old v2s in terms of brutality. Coils nice, but I'd like to see how the Mara matches up to the mezzer. Mezzers miles ahead of the vector.
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    mid travel 29er suggestions

    Mates got the druid via summit. Hell of a bike. He rides it everywhere, perfect toy for Bright.
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    Bargain buys thread

    Didn't rate at all. Anyone around who had a set had dramas, top out seemed a common issue.
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    What Single pivot frames are out there

    Old ironhorse baseline Yakuza prior to the kumicho. Mid generation Morewood, Ram, duebel, craftworks, Marino could do something, old duncons etc. Best bets just an old Bullit and running a reduced e2e shock to slacken it out/drop travel.
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    does anyone actually on a bike store here?

    You'll find getting staff is harder than you realise down there..All the shops can't get enough staff to keep up with things as is. You'll not be able to pay enough to drag Victorians down either unfortunately. The mornington shop is more what you'll realise, it'll do well from CyclingGO...
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    does anyone actually on a bike store here?

    Unless you're writing off your own toys/trips and using it to buy commerical property instead of renting it'll be tough fight. It's a lifestyle that has its advantages/disadvantages. Can't say I'd go back.. (15yrs odd in/out)
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    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    Rebuild under way, rebuilt a new version of the back bar to match up to the front, new custom bonnet, new sideskirts. Downside is fibreglass gets everywhere. Time for a repaint, maybe a gold pearl over orange and black base.