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    Best place to buy forks online?

    I’m in the market for a new fork. Fox 36, Lyric or a Pike are all in the running depending on what deals are around. I’m aware of the usual stores but are there suggestions for obscure sites (that actually ship to Australia) that I might have overlooked?
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    Narrow carbon wheels vs wide aluminum wheels

    I've just ordered a 2016 Giant Trance Advanced 1 that comes with 21mm internal width carbon wheels (on 28 straight pull spoke hubs). I want to run minimum 2.3 tires and was advised by friends that I'd be better off with some wider aluminum rims to avoid burping etc. Following this advice I...
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    Five Ten Freerider vs Freerider VXi (non-MI6)

    Hi guys, Posted this elsewhere but haven't had any replies (hasn't been that long but I thought I'd throw it out here too...). Would like to know what the differences are in fit, stiffness and grip between the Freerider and the Freerider VXi. Particularly interested to know if the VXi is...
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    Light / breathable shin guard recommendation?

    Does such a thing exist? Not interested in knee pads, just want to find some light shin protection from pedals. Open to soccer shin guards if anyone knows one that works well.
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    2012 Giant Reign vs 2011 Mongoose Teocali Elite

    Has anyone ridden both? I can get the Teocali for $250 cheaper and it seems to have better spec drivetrain, brakes and wheels. Reign has better shocks but I've read some bad reviews about the hubs and can't find anything on the rims. The Teocali felt pretty fun but I'm a bit suss on the...
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    Standover clearance - how much do you have?

    How much standover clearance do you have on your bike? I was looking at a Trek Superfly 29er yesterday and was put on a 17.5 inch frame. It felt fun and comfortable to ride but my boys touched the top tube when I had both feet down standing over the bike (I'm 5' 8.5 and as best I can tell...
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    Any feedback on the Adrenaline Agent AM 4.0?

    Saw this advertised on here for $2299 They seem like great value parts-wise but how's the geometry / performance? The rear suspension kind of reminds me of the Specialized set-up (I thought Specialized was the only company that has the pivot...
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    Best bike for Nerang (29 or 26)?

    I searched and I couldn't find anything similar so I hope this is in the right section of the forum. The bike I currently have is a Scott Voltage YZ15. I used to ride in Daisy Hill and it was fine but since I only ride Nerang nowadays I'm looking for a new bike. My dilemma is what kind. I...