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    I spent my younger years on a trampoline with no net and some good springs, no serious injuries. Weather wise it has been kept under a tarp with bricks on it to prevent the wind from blowing it off and it's still great ~20 years later. Can't imagine getting one without springs or a safety net...
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    2020 Enduro World Series

    Don't forget Greg Minnaar's run of flats and wheel failures on fancy carbon rims. From memory a lot of pro DH riders like the mavic 7something and that's a budget one.
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    2020 World Cup Discussion

    Ah seen those, just wondering if there's somewhere to watch full seasons. What a farken mudfest. Wonder if Hart will revisit the glory years, though I wonder how Gwin will go. Seems to be a lot less hype around him
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    2020 World Cup Discussion

    I can't recall the last time a race was this muddy! Only been watching since 2016 though. Wonder if anyone has races prior to 2016.