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  1. fatboyonabike

    Project Ourimbah Pump Track

    I don't get down there as often as I would like, but I saw on one of the CCoast Council pages that they were planing on building a Pump Track at the Ourimbah trails Does anybody ride there regularly or knows what stage they are up to with it...PM me if you want to keep it off the radar cheers
  2. fatboyonabike

    NSW Cane Creek Angleset ZS44

    ITEM: complete top assembly for a ZS44 CC Angleset LOC: will cover all postage PRICE: you tell me, free if its going! EXTRA: not too fussed if scratched/used/needs bearings
  3. fatboyonabike

    NSW Found...

    Wanting to swap a lightly used set of Manitou Circus Expert forks for a set of Mattoc 26" Experts or Pro forks... ITEM: Manitou Mattoc Expert or Pro series to suit a 26" wheel LOC: Anywhere , will cover postage PRICE: Swaps at this stage, but will also consider straight up purchase PICS: can get...
  4. fatboyonabike

    a wee bit of rally driving

    just going down the youtoob rabbit hole on a friday arvo and found this cracker of a vid. a "fun day' out with Frank Kelly and daughter in Baby Blue...bear in mind he is only out having fun and not taking things too seriously, that seems to be why is off the throttle quite a bit.....or perhaps...
  5. fatboyonabike

    garage tinkering taken to the next level

    have a go at this dudes setup
  6. fatboyonabike


    ITEM: 27.5 forks to suit a 100mm QR wheel WHERE: Will cover postage costs COST: You tell me, for Mrs's bike..... so don't want to waste too much money on something that won't be appreciated!..currently has Suntour XCM? EXTRA: I can get a new set of Suntour Raidon forks for about $350ish, so...
  7. fatboyonabike


    ITEM: 190mm X 51mm shock WHERE: Will cover postage costs PRICE: $150 posted would be good EXTRA: going on Mrs bike, would like Comp/Reb/Lock out....Bike is a Polygon Siskiu D5, I think it runs standard 8mm mounts
  8. fatboyonabike

    Show us your Santa Haul!

    give us a bit of a look into how your Xmas day is progressing along.. points for the funniest pressie..or excessive amounts of food/grog post up a pic of what Santa got you!?
  9. fatboyonabike


    ITEM: DMR V8 or V12 pedals (in black) WHERE: Planet of the apes, will pay postage HOW MUCH: cheep cheep, but who knows what is out there EXTRA: dont care if all scratched up, they are supposed to be like that!...must be still useable or rebuildable
  10. fatboyonabike

    Fork steerer replacement

    Has anyone gone down the road of replacing the steerer on a set of forks either professionally fitted or sourced and fitted DIY style I am looking at trying to source a steerer for a set of forks that I am liking muchly but it has been cut too short to fit into the frame I am using it on, and I...
  11. fatboyonabike

    NSW Hope Pro2 rear hub

    ITEM: Hope Pro2 rear, 135mm, 32H WHERE: anywhere that has a post office! PRICE: you tell me, will take freebies if offered! EXTRA: not fussed on axle, am wanting to run 135X12mm by using axle conversion kit from Hope.
  12. fatboyonabike

    NSW SWAP ONLY!..Manitou Circus Expert

    ITEM: Wanted to swap Manitou Circus Expert forks for the same (need longer steerer) WHERE: anywhere, will cover post EXTRA: I have a set of Experts with a 160mm steerer, would like at least 10mm longer..swap for same fork with longer steerer or 1 1/8 straight steerer mine are Circus Experts...
  13. fatboyonabike


    ITEM: 1. 30.9 seat post, don't care what it looks like, as long as its black 2. 185mm brake rotor, must be usable. WHERE: Planet Earth, will cover postage..should fit in an Aust post bag ($8.80) PRICE: Cheep Cheep, building up rig out of spares so trying to keep the cost on the...
  14. fatboyonabike


    ITEM: 26" front wheel, with 20mmTA WHERE: will pay post, prefer local if something in Newcastle area PRICE: Cheep Cheep, building up a hack bike with mostly leftovers..may also consider parts to build up. EXTRA: prefer black, but beggars!..not fussed on cosmetics, scratches and old war wounds ok...
  15. fatboyonabike

    Sold SRAM CODE R (F&R)

    Item: Sram CODE R 4 pot brake set (front and rear) Location:Newcastle but can post to where ever you like Item Condition: Used, came off my Ebike which is just over a year old..less than 600Kms Reason for selling: I don't like the feel of SRAM, prefer Saints. Price and price conditions...
  16. fatboyonabike


    ITEM: Shimano Saint BR-M820 and BL-M820-B front brake set (caliper + lever) WHERE: Will cover all postage costs, can P/U if in Newcastle area HOW MUCH: You tell me, I have a Saint M810 front set that I can throw in to sweeten the deal EXTRA: purchased off good o'l FB, seller forgot to mention...
  17. fatboyonabike

    Sold RockShox Monarch R DebonAir 200X51mm

    ITEM: RochShox Monarch R DebonAir rear shock, 200mm X 51mm (7.875in X 2in) WHERE: Newcastle but can post for xtra..add $10 PRICE: $170 plus post $150 posted. EXTRA: This is an unused shock taken off a recent build, upgraded to CC DB Inline. has "MM" as the tune stickers, cbf to find out what...
  18. fatboyonabike

    Sold 24SEVEN Slack flat pedals

    ITEM: 24SEVEN BIKES, Slack flat pedals WHERE: Newcastle but will post PRICE: Hard to put a price on classic bike parts, $50, nostalgia value thrown in for free! EXTRA: Gold bling for your rig, flip side of pedal had a bottle opener (see pics) would rather see these go to someone than sit in a...
  19. fatboyonabike

    Sold KS Integra LEV DX 100mm Dropper post

    ITEM: KS Dropper post with southpaw remote, 100mm drop, 30.9mm WHERE: Newcastle but will post PRICE:SOLD EXTRA: KS LEV Integra DX with southpaw remote, has had less than 10 hours since serviced by LinkSport (was originally external, had Link convert and service at the same time) has all the...