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  1. PJO

    The Drivetrain Compatibility. Thread

    Thanks will see how it goes. Just watched this which didn't fill me with confidence...
  2. PJO

    Sore thumb options

    Missus is complaining her shifter is too hard to downshift. Shifter is an 11speed XT and derailleur is SLX. What options to lighten up the shifting? Was going to replace all cables. Should I be considering XTR shifter?
  3. PJO

    13 speeds

    It may be for a gravel bike but Campagnolo have released a 1x13 speed drivetrain. Expect others to follow soon...
  4. PJO

    Found CAM unit for RD-M786 10sp XT clutch derailleur

    Item: Shimano part Y5Y198020/Y5Y198120, the little cam unit has finally given up Location: Hobart Price range/Willing to Pay: ??? Extra Info: The unit inside my sons derailleur has split right where the screw is located. Cost all of €2.10 on but they won't sell it to me...
  5. PJO

    Lyric RC - how much do you twiddle with the knobs?

    Thinking of buying a used 2019 Lyric RC, essentially the base model for the Charger 2 damper. I'm pretty sure the RC model has very little adjustability, essentially just a lockout dial. So my question is, is it worth getting or should I be holding out for the RC2 which has independent high and...
  6. PJO

    Ztto tubeless tape

    Anyone else bought the ztto tubeless tape. I added some to an Aliex order and used it today after building a new wheel. Not sure if I'm going to leave it on, it doesn't seem very stick and not very stretchy so doesn't want to stick down in the rim well. It is thicker than the blue Bear...
  7. PJO

    Found MoCo damper 35mm Revelation

    Item: Motion Control damper for 2017 Revelation FS-RVL-RC-A1 Location: Hobart or post Price range/Willing to Pay: ?? Cheaper than new Extra Info: My mate broke his MoCo damper and wants to get a replacement to tide him over while he figures out what he's buying next. Anyone upgraded to Charger...
  8. PJO

    TAS Sold Light Bicycle 29er AM/XC rims

    Item: Pair of Light Bicycle rims 24mm internal / 30mm external width Location: Hobart Item Condition: Good used condition Reason for selling: Too narrow, bought as complete wheelset, keeping the hubs. Price and price conditions: $170 for the pair (will post at buyers expense) Extra Info: No...
  9. PJO

    Found Hope front hub (non-boost)

    Item: Hope Pro 2 / Pro 2 evo / Pro 4 front hub 32 hole (might consider 36 as have a rim that could work) Location: Post me Price range/Willing to Pay: <$70 posted Extra Info: Have 20mm conversion kit so QR/15 doesn't matter. If anything would prefer orange to match the rear but don't really...
  10. PJO

    Totem axle

    I have come across a set of Rockshox totems, they are missing an axle and I'm planning on getting my old man to machine up something to suit. Looks like the thread is M20x2.0 at the brake end, and the main axle is 20mm, but the non-brake side is wider at 22mm. Can anyone tell me how long the the...
  11. PJO

    FOUND Left Shimano brake lever

    Item: As above. Newer style with shorter lever blade, not concerned which i-spec because nothing attached to it. Location: Post it or meet me within 30km of Hobart Price range/Willing to Pay: $20-30 Extra Info: Eldest son ploughed himself into a tree and broke it, snapped it right through the...
  12. PJO

    FOUND IS fork to 180 post mount adapter

    Item: as per title Location: post it to me Price range/Willing to Pay: less than new ~$10 Extra Info: building up a new frame to move the middle son onto something bigger have a 180 rotor given to me but no adapter to fit a standard 51mm IS mount
  13. PJO

    Rune or maybe Spitfire large frame 2016+

    Item: 2016 or newer Banshee Rune or Spitfire frame in a size Large Location: Hobart or send it Price range/Willing to Pay: $500-$1000 depending condition and included shock or lack thereof. Extra Info: Anyone feel like they want to upgrade to the new V3 model and have a V2 that they're wanting...
  14. PJO

    Can I sub a R.H lever member unit into a L.H lever body? (Shimano M785 brakes)

    Hand a small off, which unfortunately mangled a some bits on my bike, the lever blade got a bit of extra bending at the end and now doesn't feel as good as it used to, still works but the bend is now much more extreme. I have a smashed R.H. lever on which I broke the clamp that holds it to the...
  15. PJO

    FOUND Crown race reducer 1 1/8" -> 1 1/2"

    Item: As per title Location: Post me or pick up in HObart Price range/Willing to Pay: cheaps Extra Info: Want to get an old rigid fork into a newer frame to get the young fella onto a more road friendly bike for the schools triathlon he is going to do. Have a light straight steerer fork but...
  16. PJO

    FOUND Shimano XT M785 Right hand brake lever

    Item: Shimano M785 right hand brake lever (not just the lever blade but the whole lot) Location: Hobart or post me Price range/Willing to Pay: Lets negotiate pref <$30 Extra Info: Had an off, smashed the brake lever into a rock and the clamp snapped at the I-spec B mounting bolt. The weakest...
  17. PJO

    Guess what is wrong with this chainring

    This chainring is utterly useless, can you guess why. EDIT: Supposed to be a NW chainring.
  18. PJO

    FOUND Black (or mostly black) cranks 165mm to fit 73mm BB shell

    Item: Wife wants shorter cranks, 165mm and black Location: Hobart, but post me. Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on condition Extra Info: Not really looking for DH crankset must fit 68/73mm BB shell. Prefer 104BCD, but direct mount ok too.
  19. PJO

    Found 27.2 seat post - inline, no setback, two-bolt design

    Item: Preferably gloss black 27.2 inline seat post 2 bolt design Location: Posted or Hobart Price range/Willing to Pay: Show me what you got Extra Info: Polished silver would also work with the frame. Needs to be 2 bolt design like Thompson etc...
  20. PJO

    Found Spank or other alloy bars in green

    Item: On the off chance that anyone has some nice green Spank bars lying around, length minimum 740. Happy with other brand as long as the colour is the same Location: Post me Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on condition but less than $50 can get new spank spoon bars for $<90 Extra Info...