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  1. Dales Cannon

    The cooking thread

    A quick search has shown that cooking and recipe and food threads have been started numerous times and one by one they have been shut down or deleted for various reasons. Not exactly sure why and some of the older burners might know. Anyway as a few pics have appeared here and there it is time...
  2. Dales Cannon

    Australia Day, is January 26th the right day?

    Sorry for the long post but I think this is a subject worthy of discussion and some background, albeit long background, is appropriate. January 26th is Australia Day, coincidentally India Republic Day, and for many indigenous Australians Invasion Day. A brief history of the date from various...
  3. Dales Cannon

    E biking threads on rotorburn

    Over the past few weeks there have been attempts to derail the ebike posts. This is bullshit. Whether you like them or not ebikes are here and will become more and more popular. If you have an issue with that then stay out of this section. If you choose to thrown shit and have a dig then your...
  4. Dales Cannon

    Derailled. Shimano 11sp rear derailleur and shifter

    Item: Shimano 11 speed rear derailleur and ispecB shifter Location: Brisbane or post Item Condition: Good please Price and price conditions: I can get new XT and SLX so about half that for good stuff? Extra Info: I robbed the XT gear from the fat bike for the Cannondale and that meant the fat...
  5. Dales Cannon

    Happy New Year Farkiners!

    Happy New Year and may all your rides be enjoyable. Shout out to those struggling with bush fires. Stay safe everyone.
  6. Dales Cannon

    XT or XTR 11 speed shifter, i spec ii

    Item: XT or XTR 11 speed i spec ii shifter Location: anywheres Item Condition: vg Price and price conditions: prefer to swap my bar mounted XT for an i spec ii, anyway let me know Extra Info: the i spec set up suits me betterer Pictures:
  7. Dales Cannon

    International Notice to all members with trading access

    We have been working through tidying up the for sale and wtb posts. Sadly the bot that is supposed to clear the sold or found items is having a bad hair day. A couple of points that you guys can help us: Don't delete the posts once you have sold or found just write sold or found in the thread...
  8. Dales Cannon

    Something is definately not right

    Bike – Cannondale F29, circa 2016 ish Frame – Cannondale Ballistec Carbon Rear shock – Not this time Front shock/fork – Cannondale needle bearing USD Lefty 100mm Handlebars – Cannondale C3 alloy Stem - Cannondale C3 alloy Headset – Cannondale 1.5” Grips - Cannondale Saddle – Prologo Nago Evo X8...
  9. Dales Cannon

    Shimano SlX 4 pot brakes

    Discussion about SLX 4 pot calipers... now... Thanks @Oddjob
  10. Dales Cannon

    Trail bike - hard tail FOUND - well sort of

    Item: trail or cross country bike in L or XL Location: Brisbane and thereabouts Price range/Willing to Pay: $1,000 Extra Info: son and his mate are looking to do some riding so I am one bike short. Not after anything exotic but it needs to be in good condition. Hardtail or dually, wheel size...
  11. Dales Cannon

    Climate change - what can we do?

    This is meant to run in parallel to "Plastic bags, climate change, renewable energy" and is to offer suggestions on what anyone can do to help the situation. It is not a pissing contest and posts of this type and any whining or finger pointing will be deleted. And yes there has been plenty of...
  12. Dales Cannon

    Wanted (probably) 29er wheelset FOUND

    Item: 29" Wheelset. 100x15 and 135xQR with Shimano freehub Location: Brisbane Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on condition / build ... $250 - 350 ish I am thinking about replacing the wheelset on my Giant hardtail. Currently it is running Giant P-XC2 wheels which are flexy and weigh just...
  13. Dales Cannon

    Merry Christmas Farkiners

    Hope everyone gets the bike bits they need if not the bits you want. Have a great day and stay safe to ride another day.
  14. Dales Cannon

    Fatbiking in Alaska _ Iditarod trail

    There are a few of us who know Troy and aware that he has been doing various races and challenges. This morning I saw a snippet of video about his race in Alaska on morning ABC TV so I tracked down the link...
  15. Dales Cannon


    Item: 26" QR wheelset Location: Brissy but postage is ok too Item Condition: good++ Price and price conditions: what have you got? Extra Info: Wifey's bike has had a few upgrades and most recently went 1x10 which got me thinking about a decent wheelset. Given that 26" wheels are the dodo...
  16. Dales Cannon

    Found Shimano 9 speed long cage rear derailleur.

    Item: Shimano 9 speed long cage rear derailleur, Deore, SLX or XT Location: Brisbane but post is ok. Eventually Item Condition: very good Price and price conditions: what ya got? Extra Info: I am upgrading my niece's near new Scott. It is running 3x8 and I have all the bits I need...
  17. Dales Cannon

    I spec B attachment hardware screw found

    Item: I spec B hardware screw Location: anywhere Item Condition: newish Reason for selling: N/A Price and price conditions: up to you Extra Info: I found a shifter but it doesn't have Shimano part no Y00398050 Pictures: In case anyone has changed shifters but has the weird...
  18. Dales Cannon

    XT left shifter SL-M780-B 2/3 found

    Item: Shimano SL-M780-B 2/3 left shifter Location: Not bothered Item Condition: Newish would be nice but needs to be good working order Price and price conditions: Let's do a deal Extra Info: Looking at going 1x11 and throwing the XT stuff onto the Muru, so I need a front shifter...
  19. Dales Cannon

    26" QR forks found

    Item: 26" forks, QR 80 - 100mm travel Location: Brisbane Price range/Willing to Pay: $200? Extra Info: Prefer black or white but not overly fussed, hopefully more of these lying around that the others I was seeking
  20. Dales Cannon

    26" suspension fork Found

    Item: Fork to suit 26" wheels, 120/130mm travel, QR and tapered steerer Location: Brisbane preferably but happy to pay post for the right deal Price range/Willing to Pay: Not too much see below Extra Info: Wheelset is QR and I don't want to pour any more money into this thing than I really...