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  1. kip01

    VIC Want to hire shock wiz

    Item: shock wiz want to hire for a couple weeks will pay moneys Location: Melbourne Item Condition: working Price and price conditions: u tell me Extra Info:
  2. kip01

    VIC Sold

    Item: dmr trailstar lt 2008 model 16inch frame new hanger straight steerer comes with new generic sealed headset Location: Melbourne can post Item Condition: good Reason for selling: collecting dust Price and price conditions: $150 Extra Info: has been painted fluro metallic good quality job...
  3. kip01

    VIC Cheap sram cranks gxp

    Item: need cheapish cranks preferably sram nx gxp style bb cinch setup 170mm 175mm Location: Melbourne or post Item Condition: usable condition Price and price conditions: not much Extra Info: show me what you got no bb 30 must be gxp going in older bike Pictures:
  4. kip01

    VIC Fox 36 rebound damper

    Item: long shot but im after complete working rebound damper for older fox 36 180mm 2012-14ish model Location: Melbourne post Item Condition: good Price and price conditions: you tell me Extra Info: 160mm might work show me what you got
  5. kip01

    VIC Clean out most free wheels tyres 26 random old shite have a look

    Hey burners clearing out shed space to make room for more bikes. Most stuff is free and is mainly junk to me but could be of use to someone. Will update more parts every day or when I can. sorry for the bad photos the struggle is real. Item: heap of 26 wheels all qr front rear. Front road...
  6. kip01

    VIC Wtb dmr mech hanger

    Item: long shot but i will try my luck trying to find a dmr hanger early style Location: covid Capital Item Condition: good Price and price conditions: ? Extra Info: fits trailstar and sidekick Pictures:
  7. kip01

    Rockshox Zeb 190mm single crown
  8. kip01

    VIC Found

    Item: 184x44 shock cheap as possible Location: Melbourne or postman Item Condition: working Price and price conditions:$100-150 Extra Info: fox or rockshox
  9. kip01

    Where to buy trek frame parts in Aus?

    Hey Burners any suggestions on places in Aus that sell trek parts I'm after a rocker pivot bolt and bearing for 2013 superfly 100 can't seem to find much on the Google's
  10. kip01

    Choosing the correct saddle bum ouchy

    Hey guys I'm starting to struggle with long rides, my tush is getting so sore after about an hour it hurts to sit down which ends up with me ending my ride short. Any recommendations on a good trail/enduro seat I understand everyone has a different size behind just thought I would ask if anyones...
  11. kip01

    What have you made for your kids balance bike and next level progression

    Hey guys just thought I would see what fun stuff you have made for your young ones on balance bikes, also whens a good time to ditch the balance bike and move onto the next size up. I have two girls 6 and 3 and there both getting pretty good on there balance bike younger one is the crazy one...
  12. kip01

    Riding spots around great lake tas

    Hey burners heading to Tasmania for work and have one free day to go riding are there any locals on here that might know of other riding spots near poatina or the great lake area all i can find online is Kate read any help appreciated
  13. kip01

    Wheel building person Melbourne

    Hey burners I'm after a local person Melbourne South East that builds wheels from home or work that doesn't charge like a wounded bull. I'm building up some retro dh bikes but don't really want to pay a shop hundreds of dollars to build me wheels happy to pay cash and order Spokes thanks
  14. kip01

    Convertible helmets pros and cons

    Hey burners in the market for new trail and full face helmet and have come across these new convertible style lids just wondering the pros and cons and which ones are better cheers
  15. kip01

    VIC Cheap 26 dh fork

    Item: wanted cheap dh fork 200mm 26inch Location: Melbourne Item Condition: usable Price and price conditions:$100 Extra Info: surely someones got something laying around boxxer marzocchi manitou
  16. kip01

    Ignition MTB festival who's going

    Looking at buying tickets for ignition Haven't been to falls before is it worth going? Are the trails anygood ?
  17. kip01

    Dt hub conversion help

    Hey burners does anyone know if I can convert dt 350 boost hub currently 12x157 back to 150mm have spent couple hours looking online but can't get a positive answer any help appreciated cheers
  18. kip01

    VIC Wtb 27.5 dh wheels cheap

    Item: 27.5 dh wheels 20x110 12x150mm Location: Melbourne but not necessary Item Condition: still usable dings and flat spots ok asslong as they spin fairly straight. Price and price conditions: probably no more than $150 depending what you have Extra Info: hopefully some low end OEM wheels that...
  19. kip01

    VIC Sold

    Item: 05 Norco 604 street DJ frame Location: Melbourne s/e Item Condition: used but no cracks or dents paint is sad. Reason for selling: new Dartmoor Price and price conditions: $50 Extra Info: had this since new was originally cream colour but decided to paint it black many moons ago. Has...
  20. kip01

    VIC Wtb cheap 27.5 front wheel or wheelset

    Item: cheapish front wheel or wheelset 20mm front hub 150x12 27.5 Location: Melbourne Item Condition: usable Price and price conditions: up to $150 but show me the wheels Extra Info: must be dh wheels something cheapish like OEM wheels. I have a brand new hope tech rear wheel I could trade...