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  1. Isaakk

    Sold Rockshox Pike Ultimate 29", RC2, 42 offset

    Item: 2020 Pike Ultimate RC2, 29", 42 offset, 190mm steerer (threaded for OneUp EDC), 2021 C1 DebonAir spring Location: NW Tas or posted ($20) Item Condition: Very good, brand new CSU (replaced under warranty by Cyclinic, no gradients), small scuff on right leg & some small marks either side of...
  2. Isaakk

    Sold Nukeproof Horizon V2 35mm Carbon Bars, Nukeproof Horizon Stem (35 x 50mm)

    Item: Nukeproof Horizon V2 Carbon Bars, 35mm clamp, 25mm rise, 785mm width Location: Tas/posted Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Have OneUps + too many parts taking up space Price and price conditions: $80 Sold Extra Info: Light, strong, nice backsweep. Has a small surface mark on top...
  3. Isaakk

    Sold Cane Creek DB Coil IL CS, 200x57

    Item: DB Coil IL CS (all black), 200x57 - shock only, spring has sold Location: Tas or $9 posted Item Condition: Almost new, only got 4 rides in on it Reason for selling: Frame it was on is dead, doesn't fit new one Price and price conditions: $300 SOLD Extra Info: Fox style polymer DU bushings...
  4. Isaakk

    Sold Rockshox Monarch Plus RC3 - 190x51

    Item: Rockshox Monarch Plus RC3 - 190x51 Location: Tas or posted ($9 in satchel) Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Doesn't physically fit in frame it was bought for Price and price conditions: $300 SOLD / swapped, cheers moorey Extra Info: Brand new decals, bushings, & freshly serviced...
  5. Isaakk

    Sold 2020 Dartmoor Two6Player - Long

    Posting up here first in case any RBers are keen before putting it up on fakebook. Item: Dartmoor Two6Player, Long, Black Location: NW Tas, can probably post but likely to be $80 or more Item Condition: Barely ridden Reason for selling: Coming to terms with not really being able to ride a small...
  6. Isaakk

    Sold Funn Tron Stem 31.8x70mm (Silver/Black)

    Item: Deity Copperhead stem, 31.8mm x 50mm, Black Location: NW Tas or posted ($9) Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Not being used Price and price conditions: $80 SOLD Extra Info: Pictures: Yessir, see below Item: Funn Tron 31.8mm x 70mm, Silver/Black Location: NW Tas or posted ($9)...
  7. Isaakk

    Sold DVO Topaz - 200x57mm / 7.875x2.25"

    Item: DVO Topaz T3Air - 200x57mm / 7.875x2.25" Location: NW Tas or posted Item Condition: Great, one mark on aircan as seen in photo (just under compression switch). Reason for selling: Switched to coil Price and price conditions: $350 plus post Sold Extra Info: Recently had a factory service...
  8. Isaakk

    Sold Nukeproof Horizon CS CrMo Trail Pedals

    Item: Nukeproof Horizon CS CrMo Trail Pedals (black) Condition: Used, but good Location: NW Tas or posted Price: $60 plus post if needed SOLD Extra: Prefer the Shimano XT pedals so not getting used. Brand new cleats included. Pics:
  9. Isaakk

    190x50 Shock - Float DPS or similar.

    Bit of a longshot, but figured it worth asking. Item: 190x50 (7.5 x 2.0) shock, ideally a more recent Float DPS, Topaz, CC DB-Air IL, Monarch RL or similar. Price: Less than new Location: Posted? or local @ NW Tas Extra: Float CTD Evo on the Niner isn't happy, & i'd rather get something...
  10. Isaakk

    Sold [SOLD] Industry Nine A35 Stem - 35mm bar, 32mm length, Green

    Item: Industry Nine A35 Stem - 35mm bar, 32mm length, Green Location: Tas or posted Item Condition: Practically new Reason for selling: Wanted to try a short stem but didn't like it, such a shame. Price and price conditions: $100 $80 for you fine Rotorburn folks Extra Info: Would trade for...
  11. Isaakk

    TAS Cheap rear brake of some sort

    Item: Rear brake (caliper/hose/lever) of some sort Location: Tas/posted Price: Cheap - hoping for $30 or less Condition: If it stops i'm happy. Extra: Going on an STP so length probably no an issue. Pretty short frame. Item: Somewhat decent pedals Location: Tas/posted Price: less than new...
  12. Isaakk

    [Found] Cheers scotty & wkkie! 100mm 30.9/31.6 external routed dropper / 20mm front post mount adaptor

    Item: 100mm externally routed dropper, 30.9 or 31.6 Price: $150-$200ish, less if possible Condition: Reasonable & functional Location: Adelaide or posted Also wanted, 160 to 180mm postmount adaptor - posted to TAS.
  13. Isaakk

    TAS WTB: 135x10mm bolt-thru axle

    Item: 135x10mm bolt-thru axle, preferably non-QR style Location: Tas or posted Condition: If it works okay i'm happy Price: Whatever is reasonable, up to $40 inc post? End caps have already cost me $80 o_O Pictures: Like this:
  14. Isaakk

    Sold 2013 XTC 29er Composite Frame

    Item: 2013 Giant XTC 29er Composite Frame - Medium size (I think), 135QR dropouts, 30.9 seatpost. (Giant product page) Location: NW Tas or posted Item Condition: Well used Reason for selling: Got something that actually fits me properly now. Price and price conditions: SOLD Dunno, probably not...
  15. Isaakk

    Sold PNW Dropper Lever (IS-EV or Matchmaker-X) (SOLD)

    Item: PNW Loam Dropper Lever - Grey/Grey Location: NW Tas or posted Item Condition: Used for 4-5 rides, very good Reason for selling: Prefer the adjustability of standalone Wolf Tooth Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: I-Spec EV mount (probably works with Matchmaker-X too, they look...
  16. Isaakk

    [Found!] 26" XC Tyres, 2.2-2.4

    Item: 26" 2.2-2.4 XC tyres, thinking along the lines of Ikon, RaceKing, Ardent Race or similar. Price: Less than new? Location: TAS or posted Condition: If it doesn't have cuts/tears or punctures (wanting to run tubeless), and isn't completely bald i'd be happy. Extra Info: Was looking new but...
  17. Isaakk

    TAS Shed Cleanout

    Clearing out the shed/spares box. All prices are plus postage if needed, feel free to chuck an offer if you think i've overpriced something. Items: Nukeproof Saddle Price: $30 / Sold Condition: Used, good, some scuffing on underside of edges but no tears etc Description: CRC says it's a 2014...
  18. Isaakk

    Sold Rear 29" Sun Ringle Charger Expert, Front 29" XT M8020 (Non-Boost)

    Item: 29" Sun Ringle Charger Expert Rear Wheel, non-boost, 135-QR and 142x12mm end caps, 6bolt Location: NW Tas, or post Item Condition: Used, but good condition. Straight/true, perhaps 1mm max deflection. Reason for selling: Replaced with Hunt wheelset. Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra...
  19. Isaakk

    DJ Ressurecting an STP

    Over lockdown whilst slowly losing my mind because stuck inside, trails shut etc etc, I ended up heading down to the old local DJ spot with a shovel, and started resurrecting the old jumps that were now poorly shaped lumps of dirt. Trying to ride them on a trail bike make me quickly realise that...
  20. Isaakk

    Sold Brand-X Ascend II 150mm dropper, 30.9, external actuation

    Item: Brand-X Ascend II Dropper Post - 30.9, 150mm drop, external actuation Location: NW Tas Item Condition: Near new, barely used Reason for selling: Going internal + different size Price and price conditions: $150 posted Sooold Extra Info: Includes lever/cable, kept it fairly long on purpose...