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    VIC Free Stuff - Jersey, Shorts, Shoes

    Items: TLD Jersey (Extra Large) No major rips or tears. Has been worn a bit, some abrasion on the back between the shoulders from neck brace velcro. Fox Ranger Shorts - 2 Pairs (Size 30" but fit small. I usually fit size 30 and these are too small. Would fit size 28 better I think. Ideal for a...
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    VIC Shimano SM-RT66 Rotors 203mm x2

    Item: Shimano SM-RT66 Rotors. 6 bolt, 203mm diameter. 12 rotor bolts included. Location: North Melbourne Item Condition: Very good. Bought new about a year ago and didn't do much riding on them. Can't guarantee they are dead straight but they didn't rub at all with my M8120 brakes. Reason for...
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    Item: Stock wheels off my 2019 Kona Process. These have WTB KOM i30 Rims (27.5 diameter, 30mm wide) and Formula Hubs (boost spacing front and rear, Shimano HG freehub, 6-bolt rotors). Location: North Melbourne Item Condition: Very good. No...
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    Anyone got a DT Swiss 240/350 Microspline Rear Boost Hub? Please read...

    I've got a 350 boost rear hub, then bought a microspline driver to replace the XD one, and having some issues - I think I might have been given the wrong end cap. If anyone has one of these hubs and would be willing to take a quick measurement or two for me, I'd be really appreciative...
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    I've got a mate who has been getting into MTB riding around on a farked old Giant Boulder. I'd been keeping an eye out for him for a better hardtail for his next step up for ages, but everything used is super expensive this year. Finally found him something on FB yesterday, for $250! I was a bit...
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    Item: Shimano Rotor Lockring - External Serration Location: Don't mind, if you'll post. Price range/Willing to Pay: Hopefully not too much, I'm hoping someone has a few kicking around. They are cheap on bike bug but shippings a chunt Extra Info: I have an internal serration type which uses...
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    36t DT Swiss Star Ratchet

    Item: 36t DT Swiss Star Ratchet Location: Don't mind, if you'll post. Price range/Willing to Pay: Tell me what you want for it. Extra Info: Nope.
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    Item: As in the title, I'm looking for a Shimano branded chainring to suit an XT M8120 crankset. Hoping to find something that's been lightly used and then switched out for bigger/smaller/oval shaped. Location: Don't mind, if you'll post. Price range/Willing to Pay: Bit less than brand new - SLX...
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    Super Deluxe weird noise/notchy travel

    I've got a Super Deluxe rear shock on my Process. It makes a squishing noise in the first 10-15% of travel, and feels weird. It sounds exactly like this: I'm not that bothered by the sound, and I don't really notice it riding. But it's weird, it feels like the part of the travel that makes...
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    222x66mm or 8.75x2.75"/222x70mm Rear Shock

    Item: A mate is looking for a rear shock to suit a 2017 YT Capra because the Rockshox Monarch it came with is farked. The bike comes with a weird-sized 222x66mm shock, but apparently the bike is fine to take a shock with an extra 4mm stroke - so a 222x70mm (8.75x2.75") will also suit. It has...
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    Australian Formula Distributor?

    Hey Guys, I need to find a free hub body for a really generic formula hub. This is the one I need: I cannot find it ANYWHERE other than that website. It will cost me 100 euros to get it over here. Does anyone...
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    Anyone got an STFUbike chain dampener?

    I'm on a mission to quiet down the bike, and came across these - Is anyone on here running one and feel like it's worth ~$50?
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    VIC Five Ten Raven SPD EU44/UK9.5/US10.5

    Item: Pair of 5.10 Raven SPD shoes. Size is EU44/UK9.5/US10.5. Location: Torquay, Victoria. Will leave them outside for you to pick up or can post Australia wide for $10. Item Condition: Very good. See photos. Reason for selling: Flat pedals win medals. Price and price conditions: $60 Extra...
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    Does anyone have the Fox Speedframe? How does the shape compare to the V1 Fox Flux?

    Please forgive me making two threads in a week on the sizing of MTB gear. I made a thread earlier about the Fox Ranger Lite shorts. I ended up driving an hour to 99 Bikes with the intention of trying them on. When I got there they wouldn't let me try them on because of COVID. Fair enough but...
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    Does anyone have the Fox Ranger Lite shorts?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at getting a pair of these - I'm just wondering how long the fit of them is IRL. Ideally I'm looking for a pair of shorts that can be worn with kneepads without getting...
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    Bell Full 9 Stockists in Melbourne??

    Hey guys, I'm due for a new lid and like the look of the Bell Full 9. I might have a weird shaped melon but the XL TLD D3 I have has never felt like it fit right. I also have a fairly cheap Bell moto helmet which is crazy comfy. Anyway, I'd like to find somewhere I can try on the Bell IRL...
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    Metallic Vs Organic Pads

    Hey guys, I'm about to get a set of 4pot XT brakes and have a choice between metallic and organic pads. The organic ones are about $30 cheaper. Main priority is that they are powerful and grabby. Not as fussed about noise or wear. What should I go with? Cheers!
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    VIC SOLD - SRAM Guide Ultimate Brakeset with Rotors - $275

    Item: Front and Rear SRAM Guide Ultimate Brakeset, with 180mm Rotors. Location: Torquay VIC. Post Australia wide for $15. Item Condition: Good, recently bled. Pads about 50%. No major scratches. Reason for selling: Prefer Shimano. Price and price conditions: $275 Extra Info: Were on my 2019 XL...
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    DT Swiss E1900 - XD Freehub Bearing Replacement

    Hey guys, Just trying to replace the two bearings in the free hub of the above wheels. Has anyone done this themselves? Using an appropriately sized socket in the back of it combined with an old headset spacer on the front and putting it in the vice has moved the bearings 1mm out but they...
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    Shimano Gearbox (I'm excited)

    I've just seen this, looks pretty damn cool. I'd love to see Shimano shit on Sram, so I hope it's good!