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    Mud Guard & Manitou Fork

    We just bought our son he's first MTB and I haven't hit a trail for like 8 yrs, so not up to speed with all the new bits n pieces. Anywhoo, I want to put a mudguard on my son's bike but he has a Manitou fork with the arch on da back. Just wondering people's experiences of putting a mudguard on...
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    Potentially a really dumb question from an old timer and knowing completely nothing about clipless pedals and shoes..... does every clipless shoe fit every clipless pedal? I mean do you just pick the shoe and any pedal and it'll work?
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    BMX Race Photos

    At every big race like an open or state series I see 2 or more professional looking photographers crawling all over the tracks taking snaps. Just wondering where these photos end up? Are they posted somewhere? Do they sell them? Is there a website?
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    Specialized Boomslang Pedals

    Anyone got these? What's the verdict? Any play?
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    Manly Dam....... WTF???

    Did a lap of the dam this arvo and the powers that be have turn the track from the PWY to the start of the 19th hole into one big road...... And I mean every EVERYTHING resembling a rock was either hit with a diamond cutter or dumped with sand to level it off,,, WTF??? Please, please tell me...
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    School me on BMX Clubs/Tracks

    Looking into BMX Clubs/Tracks for the kids and don't know much about the scene at all. We're located in Nth Beaches Sydney and our local BMX track is Terry Hills. The last time we were there the track was in dyer need of some maintenance and looked like it hadn't been used for a long time. Is...
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    Pump Tracks round Maitland

    Just wondering if there were any pump tracks in/near Maitland. Just found out we're going to be up there on Thursday and may have a few hours to kill with the kiddies.... Thanks :)
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    Rook SS

    Built this up as a bit of a muck around bike, something to take around with the little ones(beats chasing after them at the pump track :) but it's turning out to be a really fun ride. Tried to keeps the build as cheap as possible so lots of trolling bargain basement bins, second hand, and bits n...
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    The start of ...... The End

    Quickly approaching 44yrs I've noticed that the hills are getting that little bit steeper, flats are just that little bit harder. I remember when I used to feel strong whilst busting up those steeps, but now I feel like I just barely hang on. Maybe it's just a motivational thing.. When I used...
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    Podium Pedals

    Just after some long term feedback on the Podium pedals specifically with regard to bearing/durability. I had a set a while back but quickly destroyed the bearings in one of the pedals. They were claimed under warranty and I moved on. Now I'm thinking about getting back on the boat and...
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    26" wheels on 650B

    Wondering if anyone out there has tried putting 26" wheels on their 650b bike? Does it just turn it into a 26" bike or does it ride like a pig?? just curious is all :)
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    Just after a bit of a heads up on the tracks in Newcastle. Basically, there's a very real chance that we'll be relocating to Newcastle, the location hasn't been decided yet but a couple of potentials have been Toronto or Lambton. The only 2 tracks I know/ridden is Awaba and Glenrock. Ideally, I...
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    How hard is it to build a wheel?

    So, how hard is it to build a wheel? Is it some VooDoo science where you've got to be an MIT grad or live in a bong to do it right? Or, is it pretty straight forward, and with the right equipment/tools and practice you can get good results. With 2 young biking kids I can see plenty of lacing and...
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    Flooded single track

    If there was any glimmer of hope to ride ANY tracks in Sydney this weekend, the lovely front that came through this arvo has put an end to that.... So... Who's up for some road riding on the DH rig.... Hahaha
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    Pump tracks round the Northern Beaches

    Hi all... I'm just after pointers to where pump tracks are round the Northern Beaches. Considering taking the little tikes there n unleashing them........ Oxy's just a little ruff for them ATM... I've tried,,, hehe :):)
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    Fox DHX 5.0 Air Vs Rock Shox Vivid Air

    Hi all, Been toying around with the idea of going air for the rear shock on the DH rig, either a Fox DHX 5.0 air or Vivid Air. Been trolling round the internet trying to get some feed back on the Fox shock with not much luck. I'm leaning towards the Fox DHX just because of the pro-pedal...
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    Snapped Shock Mount Bolt - How to fix?

    Hi, I've just discovered I've snapped the rear shock mount bolt. The only problem is that it's snapped right in the middle. So now I've got play in the shock and can't take the shock off as half the bolt is holding the shock in. Just wondering if anyone's had this experience or know how...