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  1. Minlak

    QLD Found - Cassette - Spacer - Lockring

    Item: Cassette Spacer Location: Bundaberg - Will pay postage of course Price range/Willing to Pay: Whatever you think Extra Info: Looking for the spacer you use between the freehub and the cassette when using an 8spd cassette with a HG (Shimano) Freehub Item: Steel Lockring Location...
  2. Minlak

    QLD Found - Hope Pro 4 Freehub Steel

    Item: Hope Pro 4 Freehub Body HG Driver Steel Location: Bundaberg (will pay freight) Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on condition Extra Info: Will be fitting Sram 8 spd cassette - Shimano HG Driver FOUND
  3. Minlak

    The GooGle Thread

    So you have a question - it’s not a quick question and it’s not a stupid question - it’s more of a I am too fucking lazy to google it question - add it in here and some one can google it for you. also side note give DuckDuckGo search engine a run you will be stunned at how many more accurate...
  4. Minlak

    Sold Sold - Sram Cranks - Chainring - Cassette - Price Drop

    Item: Sram S1000 170mm With One Up 30T Chainring - 11-36 Shimano Cassette (10spd) Location: Bundaberg ( Will Post) Item Condition: Used - Some marks on Cranks - Chainring / Cassette hardly used Reason for selling: Spares Price and price conditions: $100 for all Extra Info: The Chainring and...
  5. Minlak

    XC Find me an axle please

    So this will eventually become the PYR thread for my XC / Fire Road / Rail Trail / Gravel bike build but I can't do that until I find an axle. The hub spec for the rear is 142+ ( you can fit standard 142 hubs) I am going to assume this is 12mm and it needs to be a thru axle - The trick is I am...
  6. Minlak

    Sold Sold Shimano SLX CS-M7100 10-51T 12 Speed Cassette - Price Drop

    Item: Shimano SLX CS-M7100 10-51T 12 Speed Cassette Location: Bundaberg (will ship) Item Condition: Used - Heaps of life - chain was at 05% when removed Reason for selling: Not needed Price and price conditions: $90 Extra Info: Pictures:
  7. Minlak

    Sold Sold - RT 86 203mm Rotors - Price Drop

    Item: Shimano RT86 203mm Ice Tech Rotors Location: Bundaberg (will post) Item Condition: Used - not flogged Reason for selling: Not Needed Price and price conditions: $100 inc post Extra Info: makes things go stop Pictures:
  8. Minlak

    Sold Sold - KMC E12 E-Bike Chain

    Item: KMC E-12 Anti-Rust E-Bike Chain Location: Bundaberg (will post) Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Not needed Price and price conditions: $120 Extra Info: 130 Links 12 Speed Pictures:
  9. Minlak

    Sram E-Bike Specific stuff

    So as it is harder to get XT / XTR derailleur and shifter - I am thinking of doing this for the E-Bike and moving the E-Bike Shimano stuff over to the new bike. This stuff is meant to be built specifically for the torque and power of an E-bike and the chains for them are cheaper at $50 a pop and...
  10. Minlak

    Build my wheel please

    Ok I have the DT Swiss E512 rim and going to fit it to 142 x 12 mm Hope Pro 4 Hub and the front to a 15 x 110 Hope Pro 4 - So obviously I need Nipples and Spokes - Below is the spoke length I calculate but what actual spokes do I want - I am large and use will be XC touring dirt roads and fire...
  11. Minlak

    QLD SOLD DVO Diamond 140mm Fork - Price Drop

    Item: DVO Diamond 140mm Fork 29" Boost 110 - Used with 27.5+ Wheelset on Norco Torrent Location: Bundaberg (Will Freight) Item Condition: Used - 100% functional - Some scuffs on lowers and steerer only - ridden once since serviced by NSD Reason for selling: Too much travel for new bike Price...
  12. Minlak

    QLD Sold - Sram 1 x 11 Drive Train (complete)

    Item: Sram 1 x 11 Drive Train Location: Bundaberg ( will post) Item Condition: Used and 100% functional Reason for selling: No Bike for it now Price and price conditions: $250 Extra Info: Includes :- XX1 11spd Shifter - GX 11Spd Rear Derailluer - Sram 10-42 11spd Cassette - KMC X11EL Chain...
  13. Minlak

    QLD Thomson Elite Seat post

    Item: Thomson Elite Seat post 31.6 x 410 Location: Bundaberg (Happy to post) Item Condition: Used some scuffs 100% functional Reason for selling: No bikes fir it now Price and price conditions: $55 Extra Info: Has some scuffs as pictured perfectly functional Pictures: Sure thing
  14. Minlak

    QLD Found 100mm Travel Fork

    Item: 100mm Travel fork 44mm 29” wheel or 51mm offset Tapered 15mm Location: Bundaberg - Will pay freight of course Item Condition: Not fucked - will be used a gravel bike / rail trail Reason for selling: Still not selling dumb arse Price and price conditions:What's fair - less than new Extra...
  15. Minlak

    QLD Found - XC Hardtail Frame - Large

    Item: XC orientated Hardtail frame Large Location: Bundaberg Item Condition: Needs to be operational - happy to have coated if need be Reason for selling: Stupid Template they make is use Price and price conditions: Sub $1000 Extra Info: Ok so I have the Norco Torrent but I have set myself some...
  16. Minlak

    Sold Sold - GoPro Hero 9

    Item: GoPro Hero 9 (+accessories) Location: Bundaberg - Includes Post Item Condition: Perfect all functional Reason for selling: Not using Price and price conditions: $500 SOLD Extra Info: Includes GoPro Hero 9 - Chest Mount - Shorty - Wind Cover - 128GB SD card - Charge Cable - Whatever mounts...
  17. Minlak

    QLD Ibis Ripley V4 Large

    Item: Ibis Ripley V4 Location: Bundaberg - can Travel 4 hrs ish in either direction Item Condition: Immaculate all running as intended Reason for selling: E-Bike purchased and now its just sitting here Price and price conditions: $8500 Extra Info: Bought this then bought an E-Bike currently...
  18. Minlak


    Item: 30mm - 40 mm Riser Handle Bars - Min 760mm Wide Location: Bundaberg - Happy for you to post Item Condition: Not Fucked - Depending on Price Reason for selling: No reason at all just a form we have to use Price and price conditions: Found Extra Info: I have 25mm bars now on the bike and...
  19. Minlak

    New bike experience

    No no no not my new bike - not yet So a friend has a 5 yr old Specialized and just bought a new Giant Trance X E+ last week. She constantly rode the old bike in eco mode and rarely went to trail let alone turbo mode. Coming from a cycling back ground and having had an E-Bike for 4 yrs she has...
  20. Minlak

    Which Welder to buy PLz

    So I want to buy a home handyman type welder - Not looking at trying to weld stainless at all - What other equipment do I need? Welder Helmet Gloves Hammer Thinking of Remember I only have 10amp at home not going...