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  1. Cyclomaniac

    NSW WTB: 27.5 boost wheelset

    Item: 27.5 boost wheelset Location: Jervis Bay or post. Price range/Willing to Pay: <600 Extra Info: Looking a trail set around 30mm id, sram cassette driver and hubs with decent poe. Prefer aluminium because of price.
  2. Cyclomaniac

    AM Santa's 5010

    So Santa came early this year. Due to a tip-off and an impulse buy I bought a 5010 frame (thanks @Alexxx) Will be slowly building it up from specials and second hand parts. Have some parts already but will be sure to be spamming up the WTB section. I have been riding enduro bikes and never owned...
  3. Cyclomaniac

    NSW WTD: Cane Creek 200x57mm coil shock

    Item: 200x57mm coil shock, preferably Cane Creek. Location: Jervis Bay Price range/Willing to Pay: Less than $300, depends on condition. Extra Info: Waiting for a sale to buy new but thought I would see what's out there first. Doesn't need a spring unless you happen to have a 600lbs...
  4. Cyclomaniac

    Zerode Taniwha needs a diet!

    So despite there being precisely 2447533 people all over it in seconds, I somehow managed to snap up a bargain priced Taniwha on bookface. The fork makes horrid noises and the frame has more creeks and groans than a haunted caste but it's still a good buy. The only problem I have is the weight...
  5. Cyclomaniac

    DVO service kits

    Does anyone know where I can get a full rebuild kit for a DVO Diamond fork? I will need to service the DVO shock and dropper as well soon.I tried searching but DVO doesn't contain enough letters for the search. Googling only gets wiper seals. DVO site only lists parts. Thanks.
  6. Cyclomaniac

    NSW FOUND: A cheap trials bike the whole family can enjoy.

    Item: Trials bike. 20-24 inch pref. Location: nsw south coast Price range/Willing to Pay: Under $200 I guess. Not sure what they go for but not wanting to spend a lot. Extra Info: My 7 year old keeps taking the seat off his bike to put it into "trials mode". His sister is interested too, I...
  7. Cyclomaniac

    NSW Luftkappe for A1 Pike FOUND

    Item: Luftkappe for 2016 A1 Pike Location: NSW South Coast Price range/Willing to Pay: <$90 Extra Info: MTB Direct don't have any at the moment. I am looking to upgrade my fork but don't want to spend lots because it's an old Pike.
  8. Cyclomaniac

    NSW FOUND WTB XT M8000 rear mech sgs (long cage)

    Item: XT M8000 rear mech sgs (long cage) Location: Jervis Bay NSW Price range/Willing to Pay: $120 if new Extra Info: I ordered one from Wiggle over a week ago and still waiting for the order to be processed. Really want to get one asap to ride during the holidays. If anyone has one or knows...
  9. Cyclomaniac

    Sea Otter at Stromlo

    Just saw this Might be worth a trip. I am particularly interested in the "cycle chic fashion parades", I assume that will be in the Rotorburn tent. Or it could be an annoying throng of tossers looking at the overpriced tiny...
  10. Cyclomaniac

    Sold 2018 Kona Process 153 29er AL Large Sold

    Item: 2018 Kona Process 153 29er AL Large Location: Jervis Bay, NSW south coast Item Condition: used but in good working order. Reason for selling: 29ers are not for me. Price and price conditions: $2600 Extra Info: Yari debonair 160mm (serviced in April) Rockshox deluxe rear shock Guide R 4...
  11. Cyclomaniac

    Craftworks ENR V1.1

    Frame - Craftworks ENR Large Rear shock - CCDB IL Air Front shock/fork - Pike 160mm Handlebars - Spank Spoon 40mm rise Stem -Spank Headset - FSA Grips - Jetblack Saddle - Fabric Seatpost - Reverb 125mm Front brake - Magura Trail Sport 4 pot Rear brake - Magura Trail Sport...
  12. Cyclomaniac

    Sram Eagle replacement cassette cogs?

    I have bought a bike and the previous owner has used a 12 speed sram eagle 11-50 cassette and removed the 13 tooth cog and replaced the 11 tooth one with what is probably a 11 tooth from a 10 speed cassette to make it work as an 11 speed. It works ok but I would prefer to just convert it to 12...
  13. Cyclomaniac

    NSW WTB: Sram direct mount 36T Chainring FOUND

    Item: Sram direct mount 36T Chainring Location: NSW south coast Price range/Willing to Pay: Whatever is fair. Depends on brand and condition. Extra Info: Prefer black or blue. Can be oval too.
  14. Cyclomaniac

    Opinions on DVO Jade shocks please

    I have been searching around the web for information on these and haven't found much to make a decision on. I have recently bought a 2018 Kona Process 153 29er and would like to upgrade the shock and go coil. I had a CC coil on the old process and loved it. I have seen a few Jades around going...
  15. Cyclomaniac

    CCDB inline air - Who services their own?

    I bought an older Cane Creek inline air shock the other day. Put it on the Kona and it's brilliant! The level of adjustment really makes a difference. I was starting to dislike the bike but now its great. Anyway it will be needing a service sometime soon so I did a bit of research and don't care...
  16. Cyclomaniac

    BB height - Is it too high?

    I will try and keep it short. I have an old 2005 Giant Reign that I have built up and been riding for about a year. It had a 130mm fork up front, 171 travel at the rear and as one reviewer put it a "spooky high bottom bracket". I then put a 180mm Domain on it to even things up and now the BB...
  17. Cyclomaniac

    Giant STP 2

    Here's my circa 2005 Giant STP 2. (I know I am about 10 years too late) I bought it off gumtree a while ago for $175 to ride when teaching the kids to ride. I got hooked on MTB and am now saving for a full suspension am/enduro of some sort so this is a budget bike with budget second hand parts...
  18. Cyclomaniac

    Hi from Jervis Bay

    Hello all, great site this, has been a great resource for me as I have been getting into the sport this past 10 months or so. I bought a Giant STP 2 to ride with my kids as they are learning to ride and thought I would try it out in the local bush. Now I'm hooked! I can now be found haunting...