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  1. Art Vanderlay

    Best bang for buck on 11 speed cassette

    I currently have an 11 speed XX1, 10-42 cassette, using XD driver which is getting close to needing replacement (have got a lot of km's out of it) Not wanting to spend $400 - $500 on a new one, what better price solutions are out there and what are people using?
  2. Art Vanderlay

    VIC Random bits for sale SOLD

    A few items for sale Item: Turner Czar V1.0 Frame (size Large) Location: Gippsland, Victoria Item Condition:Good Condition, well maintained, used for 2 years, small mark under bottom bracket. Reason for selling: New bike coming Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: comes with Raceface...
  3. Art Vanderlay

    Ves 2017

    Couldn't see a thread, so here we go. I missed round 1 at Albury. Had a hit out at the 6 hour at Lysterfield yesterday. Despite getting some good training in the last few months (albeit running and road riding), I was certainly under-prepared for the course. Today my upper body is shagged...
  4. Art Vanderlay

    VIC XX1 Rear Mech

    Item: 11 speed XX1 Rear Mech (or lower spec to function a 10 - 42 cassette) Location: Vic Price range/Willing to Pay: Depending on condition/model Extra Info: new, second hand. As long as it is in good working order. Mine was destroyed by a large stick :-(
  5. Art Vanderlay


    Might as well start something.... Top 3 Aussie male golfers not competing. Appeals for a spot on the mountain bike team currently going on. ....and they dug up some body parts on the beach setting up the beach vollyball.
  6. Art Vanderlay

    Tdf 2016

    First stage was action packed. Contador went down hard but seems ok. Hoping Porte finishes at the top, but feel Froome and Quintana are one level above.
  7. Art Vanderlay

    What do you have on your toast?

    Looking to expand my range. At the moment, any of the following do it for me: Peanut butter, tomato or cheese slice.
  8. Art Vanderlay

    A great opportunity for someone

    I received this email today. A great opportunity for someone? Give me your details and I can forward on. I am contacting you on behalf (Mr. Waleed H. RAFFOUL) former Manager Risk Management, Kuwait National Petroleum Company who wishes to invest his Financial Estate worth US$170 Million in...
  9. Art Vanderlay

    Convert Rear Hub

    I have a Giant P-XCRO wheel with 135 x 10 quick release. I want to convert this to a 142 x 12 system. Is this possible? I am guessing a new axle and end caps will do the trick? Thanks
  10. Art Vanderlay

    The Ashes 2015.....blah

    It's game on, poms are starting to drop..
  11. Art Vanderlay

    Living out of town

    Trying to convince the wife that life would be more enjoyable if we were to move out of town onto some land. We built our house about 4 years ago and as nice as it is, I am ready for a little more wide open space and have the quietness of no neighbours. Most of our neighbours are o.k, (one is a...
  12. Art Vanderlay


    RIP - Richie Benaud. A cricket icon
  13. Art Vanderlay

    Bar Tape

    Need to replace the bar tape on the roadie. Any recommendations?
  14. Art Vanderlay

    VIC (VIC) SOLD - Delete thread, Giant Anthem 29er 2014

    Item: Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er 1 2014, Size - Medium Location: Gippsland, Victoria. Item Condition: Excellent condition. Done approx. 500km, used for one 24 hour race and 2 shorter races. Running gear practically new. Reason for selling: Not being used enough, prefer hardtail 29er. Was...
  15. Art Vanderlay

    Drop some weight

    Looking to drop some weight on my anthem. Currently, the bike weighs in at 11.32kg as pictured below (with wolftooth 1 x 10 set up). Would love to get it around the 10kg mark, similar to my 29 hardtail. Items I am looking to upgrade at this stage are: - Wheels - Seatpost - Saddle -...
  16. Art Vanderlay

    Bottom Bracket Advice

    Is this the only tool I need for the removal and installation of a Sram GXP press fit bottom bracket? Would prefer to get the right tool(s) and do it myself. Any advice/tips would be handy.
  17. Art Vanderlay

    WTB - Yeti

    Wanted - Big JD's big black Yeti.....any help welcome. Just need to confirm the size.
  18. Art Vanderlay

    Fox CTD rear suspension

    I'm sure there are peeps out there that know a lot more about suspension than me. I have an anthem 29er 100mm travel, set up feels pretty good. Only had a full suspension bike for a few months. Climb and trail feel the same to me, where as the descend mode feels softer. From what I...
  19. Art Vanderlay

    Little things I need to know

    A good pizza shop in Ballarat?
  20. Art Vanderlay

    Good road bike at a good price?

    Is this a good deal? I am looking to get a new road bike, but don't want to spend thousands. I don't do road racing, but do a fair bit of road riding for training.