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  1. Scotty T

    The saga of the recurring puncture

    Our friend who bought the Electra cruiser e-bike has been loving it, until a few weeks ago when she got a puncture. I told her this was standard stuff, and went over and patched it for her. She rode the next day, another puncture, right near where the first one was, I had correctly aligned the...
  2. Scotty T

    ROAD 1983 Repco Superlite

    My second time capsule find, and first road bike I've ever owned. This one came from my uncle who owned it since new, I recall staying at their place when I was a kid thinking it was such a cool bike and now it has been handed down to me to restore. I believe everything except the chain is...
  3. Scotty T

    RIP Paul Begg

    Sad news today hearing that Paul Begg passed away on Tuesday after a 4 year battle with cancer. He and his identical twin brother Nigel were MTB heroes of mine back in the 90's. I only met him a handful of times, Paul was just a lovely bloke, may he rest in peace Here's the cover and photo...
  4. Scotty T

    ACT FOUND: Spring for a big boy

    Item: heaviest available spring for 2004/5 Fox Vanilla R Location: Canberra but happy to pay post Price range/Willing to Pay: no idea what a used/old spring goes for, but I imagine up to 50 bucks? Extra info: pic below of current spring, mate who is taking the Iron Horse SGS it's on is 140kg.
  5. Scotty T

    ACT Vintage KORE stem circa 1997 125mm 1 1/8th threadless 25.4 clamp

    Item: KORE stem 125mm 1 1/8th threadless 25.4 clamp Location: Canberra Item Condition: condition is 7/10 for the stem with some minor scuffs and scratches, and a few deeper ones on the back of the clamp. 4/10 for the decals. Reason for selling: Excess and excessively long Price and price...
  6. Scotty T

    ACT Vintage Truvativ Direx v-brake set circa 1997

    Item: Truvativ Direx v-brake set Location: Canberra Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Excess to needs Price and price conditions: $30 shipped, $20 pickup in Canberra Extra Info: Calipers themselves are very clean but parts have the following minor issues: One of the cable boots has a bit...
  7. Scotty T

    Wyangala dam trails

    Going to Cowra, wondering if we should take bikes. According to the Cowra Rides Guide from 2014 there's 12.8 km of trails but I can't find anything else anywhere about them, so I'm wondering if they even still exist. Has anyone ridden there?
  8. Scotty T

    1996 Mongoose Rockadile revived

    Frame 1996 Mongoose Rockadile Front shock/fork 1996/7 Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Mk1 Handlebars White Bros TiBar Stem Kore 120mm Headset Dia Compe Aheadset Mk1 Grips Oury Saddle Modern WTB Rocket Sport 142mm Seatpost Kalloy Uno Brakes Modern Shimano XT v-brake, 97 LX levers Cranks Shimano XT...
  9. Scotty T

    1989 Graecross Jackaroo

    Frame 1989 Graecross Jackaroo CrMo Specialist Mountain Tubing Front shock/fork As above Handlebars Graecross steel colour matched Stem Generic alloy colour matched Headset Generic 1" original Grips Generic original Saddle Modern Bontrager Race Lite UIX, Ti rails! From the spares bin, originally...
  10. Scotty T

    Getting your significant other on a bike

    My wife rented a $5400 e-bike, Specco Turbo Vado, we went round the lake, 38km loop, furthest she's ridden in 25 years. She had to have an e-bike after that so she got an older Townie Go second hand. It's very basic, but adequate and she's put over 200km on it in two months. One of her...
  11. Scotty T

    DJ build scavenger hunt

    Item: 1 1/8th" headset external Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: cheap/free/postage only Extra Info: Ram cycles has a VP one for $11.95 which I'll get if nobody here has anything cheaply suitable Item: Flat pedals Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: cheap/free/postage...
  12. Scotty T

    ACT Free Norco Fluid LT 2008

    Item: Norco Fluid LT large I believe, WYSIWYG Location: Canberra Item Condition: Left seat stay repaired, rest of the frame and linkage looks OK, derailluers and brake are stuffed, couldn't get the BB out, was given to me as is and I've never had it built up Reason for giving away: Took the...
  13. Scotty T

    Front end upgrades

    Since New Bike Time(TM) is a way off for me, I'm looking at upgrading the front end while I have the fork in being serviced. Smashpot feels like over capitalising and won't be able to get one before the fork gets done on the 25th Sept, so what can I do to make my 2015 Pike 160mm Solo Air RC 27.5...
  14. Scotty T

    ACT Karen's Karmic Kosher Kable Krimps

    Item: 10 cable ends (Krimps), your choice of colour/s. Black, red, gold/orange, blue, green, silver available. Price: $3.00 shipped in Oz, or $1.50 pick up in Canberra. 14c + 1c picking fee per end, $1.10 postage stamp, 40c envelope. Location: Canberra Reason for selling: Good karma Pics...
  15. Scotty T

    Velogear - bad experience

    I ordered some cable ends: The other day that did not say sold as single, and the previous $10.99 price made me think this was some kind of pack. Unfortunately Google doesn't have the whole page cached. Here'e my customer service...
  16. Scotty T

    ACT Cheap longish DJ frame

    Item: Dirt jump frame Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: Beer, or maybe up to $100 Extra Info: Could do Sydney, not too keen on shipping as it might be more than the frame. Something older would rock.
  17. Scotty T

    ACT 26" disc 6 bolt qr front wheel

    Item: 26" disc 6 bolt qr front wheel Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: $50-90 depending on condition Extra Info: the wider the rim the better.
  18. Scotty T

    Are we all overbiked these days?

    Just a thought I had watching these videos. Super keen to get the old school rig rolling now. But also comfortable over biking.
  19. Scotty T

    Kids on free speed

    Get your kids on speed. With a speedometer of course, what did you think I meant? I have 9 of these Sigma BC 1200 speedos, free for kids. Each one contains all the bits needed to attach to a bike and I tested each one and they worked a few years ago, have been in bags since. There is a bag full...
  20. Scotty T

    POS Custom E-Board Tracker

    Frame - Ruff Cycles Porucho V4 Rear shock - Spring saddle :) Front shock/fork - Ruff Cycles Double Down Handlebars - Third Gear Euro Style (motorcycle bars with shim) Stem - Ruff Cycles Shorty Headset - FSA Grips - Grin slimline twist throttle Saddle - Electra cruiser Brooks B67 Seatpost - Ruff...